Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have a few prayer requests to any who care to think of us.

My grandma called this morning to tell us that my Aunt Donna died of a heart-attack. She was in her early to mid-fifties, and no, she didn't know the Lord. She'd been dealing with some major health issues, and this wasn't her first heart-attack...but all that's nothing compared to what she's suffering now. Please pray for my Uncle David, Donna's son Joe and his family, that God would comfort them during this loss, and that through this He would bring them to a saving knowledge of Him.

Shortly after that bomb dropped, another one exploded. Mom got a call from the assistant headmaster at the school she teaches music at, and long-story-short, he'd made some changes to the upcoming concert (this Thursday) that pretty much smashed all Mom's hard work to smithereens. Thankfully that situation has been resolved—the guy made some more changes that make a lot more sense, so that fire's put out. But Mom could really use some clear guidance from the Lord as to whether she's supposed to go back next year. It's been more headache than ministry, from what I've heard (and observed).

Your prayers are appreciated.

However, we did receive some good news from Aunt B (Mom's sister) this afternoon. She's been trying to sell her house and has been running into some rather head-banging problems, but today she was all excited because the house is now in escrow! *Confetti* So that was one bright spot in this rather lousy day in the life of Tom Wild Rose. :-P

Natasha of Day by Day tagged any of her readers who wished to answer these questions. And since I can never resist one of these....

  1. Have you ever consumed an ant? Yes, actually, as a kid. Not on purpose, mind you; it just got in my mouth somehow. Ugh!
  2. Do you (or did you) bite your fingernails? Again, as a kid. Even when I bit too far and got down to the cuticles. Ouch! Finally grew out of that, thank God, somewhere in my teens and forced myself to use the nail-clippers. And never looked back.
  3. Pens or pencils? Pencils, because if I screw up I can erase it!
  4. Least favorite color? This One! And This...And this....
  5. Ever had a near-death experience? Not that I recall. Had some nasty food poisoning last year that left me unable to keep anything down but mint tea for two days straight (not the ideal way to lose eight pounds!)...but it wasn't *actually* life-threatening.
  6. Name three blogs/websites that you've discovered recently (and provide links): Vixen Vintage—this girl wears vintage clothes every day and looks smashing! Hee.
Joopy and Smith Gemsthe Etsy store of a lady in Hong Kong who carries lots of gemstone cabochons...some of which—Lord willing—I hope to get for the interchangeable pendant I've designed....
Rapunzel's Resourcea blog mainly of hairstyle tutorials. She has some loverly ones on her site!
  1. What's your middle name? Ruth.
  2. Favorite movie line? I have three, actually, that come to mind:

ARAGORN: What do you fear, my lady?
ÉOWYN: A cage. To be kept behind bars until use and old age accept them, and all chance for valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
~The Two Towers

CLIFF SECORD: Well, you can stick that blowtorch in my ear, and we'll call it the end of a perfect day.
~The Rocketeer

BETH MARCH: Why does everyone want to go away? I love being home—but I don't like being left behind.
~Little Women

Fun, fun. :-) Now to answer my own questions:
  1. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt? Frozen Yogurt! :-D It's softer, and therefore easier to eat (for me, anyway). Plus it's so smooth and creamy...>drool<
  2. How many siblings do you have? My brother, Peter—otherwise known as Will Scarlet...and not just because he likes red. ;-)
  3. What is your favorite hobby? Besides daydreaming? :-P I think embroidery and modeling things out of clay are pretty high on the list (need to do more of those...). Next would be crochet and beadwork.
  4. Did you have a different hair color/texture as a kid, or has it always been the same? My hair was tow-white as a kid, gradually turning golden ash-blonde as I got older. It's always been really fine, but THANK GOD it doesn't tangle nearly so badly as it did when I was little! OY!
  5. Do you like to go places, or are you more of a homebody? Like Natasha said, I'm kind of both. I like to get out and go places and see new things (or even revisit old favorite spots), but I don't have any great all-fired ambition to get out of the house and go be on my own...alone...without my family....
  6. What is your favorite main dish? Either manicotti, fettuccine Alfredo, meat lover's pizza (with olives!), or my Famous Minestrone. I declare, I should have been born Italian. :-D
  7. Do you wear jewelry? If so, describe your favorite piece(s): Usually just to town or church, or for special occasions—any time I want to be a bit more “dressed up.” Right now my favorite items are:
    ~ A pair of silver-toned ball-post earstuds. They're like the classic pearl studs you see in old movies and such, only more durable! And they'll go everywhere from grocery shopping to a wedding party, depending on what they're worn with.
    ~ My hinged bail. Not a piece of jewelry per se, but it allows me to switch out one pendant for another, thus eliminating the need for multiple chains. 'Course, I have a pendant in the works (assembled by Laurie and Avo C. of Laurie Sarah Designs) that will have interchangeable stones (Lord willing everything works out all right). I like versatility in my jewelry, can you tell? ;-)
  8. When was the last time you went to the movies, and what did you see? Last year, just before Father's Day. We saw Toy Story 3. Not as good as 2, definitely scarier in parts than 1 (still recovering from the Dump/Incinerator scene—eek), and the humor was a little more crude in parts than either (that crack about the “Lincoln-logs” in the sandbox was totally unnecessary), but pretty good, all told. I loved how they resolved/ended the whole thing, even though it was a bit sad.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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  1. I'm so sorry for your lose.
    Please accept my deepest sympathy and prayers for you and your family.

    I'm glad you did the tag!
    I have a confession to make - I still bite my fingernails:} Shocking, no?! I have tried and tried and tried to break that habit...no luck thus far.
    I LOVE Rapunzel's Resource! I would have chopped my hair off long ago if it weren't for Elizabeth;)

    P.S. I mailed your giveaway prize today...finally;) You should get it pretty soon:)


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