Friday, April 8, 2011

Yes, I'm still alive.
No, I haven't gotten any pictures taken. Stupid cloudy weather....
Yes, I was ticked off when it snowed the other day.
No, I did not fly off the handle about it...although I was a bit sulky until it melted. >Sheepish<
Yes, I am SOOOOOOO loving the sunshine we've had ALL DAY today!!! PTL! :-D

OK, enough of that. :-P

Other things that have happened since my last entry:

~My brother actually ate the homemade chili I made for supper the other night! And for lunch the day after that...and the day after that...although I suspect it's still not his favorite dish, LOL (Bro normally hates chili).

~I've made two new necklaces to sell! With matching earrings. (Wow, me, diligent? What a concept! :-P Totally the Lord.)

~We've been re-arranging the workroom where Peter has his media-transfer equipment and computers and stuff, and Mom has her music, and she and I have out sewing. The new arrangement is going to be sooo nice—much “more open,” as Bro put it, and a better use of the space.

~I realized the other day that I have exactly eight long-sleeved blouses (“seven for each day of the week, and one for wash-day”) in my closet. While I do have a few more in the planning stages, methinks I'll call it good and move on to my Summer stuff—yay!
...Starting with that infernal blue blouse I almost trashed last year....
(Actually, it fits pretty well now; it just needs looser sleeve-bindings and perhaps a snap realignment.)

~The boys from down the street (and their dad) came over a couple times to help us clean up the yard, and boy, does it look good! Mom's hired the older boy to mow the lawn once a week this Summer, so we can concentrate on other building a bigger fenced-in yard for the kitties. ^_^

~I think I've bought more stuff online this week than I usually do in a month! Fun stuff, though—some new chains to play with use in my designs (plus one for a necklace of Mom's that I started LAST YEAR), two bottles of desperately needed silver polish, a copy of a book we used to have called So What's the Difference? About the different cults and “religions,” a secret item I can't mention in case the person it's for happens to read this post, ;-)....

~Please don't laugh~

and an exact duplicate of a little porcelain-headed bear Mom gave me when I was four or five...which I promptly broke while throwing it in the air and trying to catch. Lesson learned: Porcelain and brick hearths don't mix. I've been looking for another one ever since, off-and-on....
So yeah, seeing one on eBay the other night for under $7 made for one happy little wench over here. :-D

Quotes of the Week:

“Snow in April is abominable—like a slap in the face when you were expecting a kiss.”
~Anne Shirley-Blythe, Anne of Ingleside.

North Idaho? Oh, yeah, they're kinda like Montana. They have three seasons: June, July and Winter.”
~Old friend of one of the elders at church

My brother's opinion of Superman (Christopher Reeve version):
You have to remember that this is about as hard Sci-Fi as the inside of a Twinkie.”

Proof that either great minds really do think alike...or else goofiness is contagious:
FRIEND: (descending a steep staircase in an old farmhouse) These scares stair me—oh, wait....

~A while later~

ME: (descending a steep stairway outside a building) These scares are stairy.
MOM: They sure are—
ME: Oh brother; I just said, “These scares are stairy”!

Hmmm...perhaps I ought to have a separate section just for Quotables....

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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