Friday, May 13, 2011


Just a quick note to let y'all know I'm still alive. :-P The reason for my absence is due to the "Big Day" event at the bank. Every couple of months or so, they have a couple of their customers who are self-employed set up a table in the lobby and show their wares. I was one of them this time. So this whole week has pretty much been devoted to getting ready for that...aside from a few breaks now and then to keep me sane, LOL.

Didn't sell a blessed thing, but a few people did take my brochure, and a couple others took my business card. And unlike that disaster that was the County Fair (we could have used that $400 that year >snort<), this event didn't cost me anything but time.

I really meant to post my answers to Beastsbelle's Blog Party, and pictures from Peter's first softball game (which was a couple weeks ago), and of our lone tulip that finally bloomed, earlier this week, but it's been too crazy.There's another game tonight (and God be praised, it looks like the weather will be nicer this time!), so I need to get some sandwiches made.

>Sigh< This is not how I wanted to run my new blog. :-(

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