Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well, now. Today--this very day--I was wondering if I should continue with this blogging malarkey, or if it was just a lot of effort for minimum returns. Then I opened up my e-mail, and what should I find, but a comment on my blog! An actual comment! *geeks out* But not just any ol' comment--oh no, no!--it was from Miss Tasha, informing me that she has bestowed upon my humble corner of the Blogosphere the....

Kreativ Blogger Award!!!
Thanks, Tasha. You made my day. ;-) And now I get to share the love!

If I tagged you, you have to:

1. Link back to me
2. Complete the below form
3. Award other blogs, and inform them
4. Share 7 random things about yourself

1) Name your favorite song:
Vocal: "Be Thou My Vision."
Instrumental: "Down By The Sally Gardens."

2) Name your favorite dessert:
Boxed Chocolates...or frozen yogurt. *Drool*

3) What makes you angry:
Lots of things, but mostly seeing a problem and being ABSOLUTELY POWERLESS to fix it. *snarglebarglesasafras*

4) When you're upset:
I melt down. Not a pretty sight.

5) What's your favorite pet?
Well, since we have two cats, it'd be kinda unfair to pick one over the other. I have to admit, though, that I tend to prefer Licorice because he lets us give him "lovin's," and he comes and sits by me when I'm in one of my >moods<.

6) Black or white?
Black. White is too hard to keep clean. :-P

7) Biggest fear?
Falling from a high place (or being in an accident) and ending up maimed for life. That, and "stinging devils." >Shudder<

8) Everyday attitude?
*Cough* It depends. Some days I'm kinda ticked off from the moment I drag my lazy carcass out of bed. I can put up a front for a time (like when I'm around other people), and even forget about it for a moment (like when I'm baby-talking the cat), but there's always an undercurrent of anger or "the blues".
And then there are the BAD days....

9) What is perfection?
Unattainable. Until we get Home, I mean.

10) Guilty pleasure?
Eating boxed chocolates. :-P

Seven Random Things:
  1. As of next month, I will be the same age as Charlotte Lucas in Pride and Prejudice.
  2. ...yet I still don't have a driver's license. Or even a permit.
  3. I have a "thing" for red hair. And curls.
  4. I am allergic to bananas. >Gag<
  5. Not only do I make my own clothes, I also make jewelry to go with them.
  6. I can't stand to see people kiss. Yech!
  7. People still occasionally ask my if I'm in high school!
I award...

And that's really all I can think of because anyone else has already been tagged. Plus I don't know many people on the Blogosphere.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,


  1. I'm so glad I made your day. *huge grin*
    You just made my day, too. =)

    If it weren't for the fact that my dad made me get my license, I still wouldn't have one...although it does make trips to the library and to visit friends much easier. But I really don't like driving.

    I'm not allergic to them, but I don't like bananas at all. Yuck.


  2. Red hair and curls. Mmm. And my favorite hymn is Be Thou My Vision, too! Don't know for sure which is my very favorite song... it would be like picking a single favorite book. Or a favorite child. Not possible...;)

    Thanks for the tag, dear!


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