Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sneak Peek

With "Jubilee" finished (for the present, anyhow), I can now move on to other projects. Yesterday Mom and I sorted through our boxes again and prioritized our projects. We've set goals for ourselves for when we want to get them all finished...with a nice little reward for our diligence--lunch at Top of China, a buffet in CdA we've been wanting to try, and possibly a trip to Top This! for frozen yogurt afterwards. :-D Pray for us--we really need to get sewing!

It's been too cold out to wear a short-sleeved cotton dress, much less do a photo-shoot, but here's a sneak peek at "Jubilee" in its semi-final form:

Mirror pix--ugh

I just *had* to snap a pic after sewing the last stitch! Hopefully once the weather gets warmer, I can have Bro take some decent pix (or show me how to work the delayed shutter-thingie).

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless, 


  1. For some unexplained reason Net Nanny won't let me comment on your most recent post, but it will let me comment on this one. *big exasperated sigh*

    I'm just lovin' all of your projects!! I made myself a bodice petticoat of sorts last year. It could use some work though. That was very clever to use a sleeveless blouse for the bodice.

    Anyways, I tagged you!:)

    1. Ahh, yes, good ol' Net Nanny. Bizarre-o. :-P

      Thanks! Using a blouse saved a little construction time...and it's pretty, even if no one will see it (I hope!).

      Thanks for the tag!


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