Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exp-HAIR-iments, Springtime, and Tags!

This morning I had a bit more time than usual to get ready for church, so I decided I was tired of the usual Swedish Braids* and did a little experiment:
Mirror pix...gotta love 'em

This style was inspired by Éowyn's “Funeral” hairstyle in TTT, EE (for you Yahoos in the back**, that's short for The Two Towers, Extended Edition). Not bad for a first try, really, despite the little “twigs” sticking out here and there. Not to brag, but I was actually swarmed by several old ladies at church who were quite taken with my 'do. :-)
For those who want to know, I center-parted my hair and did two lace braids, then coiled one high-ish on my head and pinned the stuffin's out of it. Then I coiled the other just below it and pinned the stuffin's out of that.
Side view

I have nineteen hairpins sticking into my head, but dear me! let us be elegant or die!” 
~Jo March (Katherine Hepburn), Little Women

(Actually, it was only fifteen, but still....)

Despite its fantasy roots, this hairstyle also has an almost Edwardian feel to it...which is kind of appropriate, considering today is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. *HatHeart* Such a tragedy. But enough on that head....

* Swedish Braids = Two braids pinned up and over (and in some cases, around) the head. This term is an alternative to the misnomer “Heidi Braids,” since Johanna Spyri described the heroine of her classic children's story as having short black curls.
** Yahoos in the Back = The uninformed, those not in the know.
Reference: Taken from a line in an episode of Murder, She Wrote,  in which a Southern judge explains the meaning of habeas corpus to those in the courtroom who don't know the term. This usage is meant as a friendly jab, with no malicious or derogatory intent whatever.
~Tom's Dictionary of Whacked-out Terms and Old Family Sayings

Spring is finally here!

I'm as happy as a king
When I catch a breath of Spring,
And the fields are turnin' green as Winter ends....

...and the violets Mrs. H down the street gave us last year have come back:

 Saturday, Peter found these beauties in the lawn while he was raking up twigs:

Fun, fun!

Tasha of Day by Day, knowing my weakness for this sort of thing, has been so kind as to tag me—thanks, Tasha!

~How it Works~

1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself (optional)
3. Answer the questions the tagger posted for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that they have been tagged

So then, 11 Random Things:

  1. If my hair grew another six inches, I could sit on it.
  2. I am fascinated with twins (especially identical), natural curls, red hair and pretty much anything embroidered or miniature.
  3. I have never broken a bone in my life *knock on wood*
  4. I am an incurable garbage-picker. Meaning if something isn't absolutely gross, I'll “rescue” it, clean it up and use it!
  5. As a kid, I didn't really care about what I fashion is one of my hobbies! :-P
  6. I hate coffee. And coffee hates me. The only exception would be mocha ice cream/frozen yogurt.
  7. (Speaking of which....) I prefer frozen yogurt to ice cream.
  8. I can still remember some of my childhood friends' birthdays, middle names...and wonky food allergies.
  9. I have a habit of calling inanimate objects “Mister [something].” Mister Laptop, Mister Camera, etc.
  10. I realized today that I have no desire to see Washington, D.C. Ever.
  11. ...but I do have a strong desire to see Great Britain before I die.

And the 11 Questions:

1.Which song has inspired you most at this time in your life? Hmmm...not sure. Perhaps “Be Thou My Vision,” because I try to make God the center of my life (“naught be all else to me, save that Thou art...”), but I don't do very well. :-(
2. What are your sentiments on the subject of [Brussels] sprouts?
Never had them, but being that I'm not terribly fond of the cabbage family in general, it's probably safe to say I wouldn't like them. I'm willing to try them, but I doubt they'd become my favorite vegetable.
3. Do you feel faint at the sight of blood?
Depends on how much blood. Really, the most I've seen is in movies and on TV, and I know that's fake, so it's more uncomfortable than faint-inducing. Actually, I'm more likely to toss my cookies than faint if I actually did see a lot of blood in real life (now you know why I never went in for a medical career).
4. Do you enjoy chatting on the phone or would you just as soon write an email or send a text or even write a letter?
I've been afraid of the phone ever since I was a kid (I call it “Telephobia”), so I'm more likely to write an e-mail. However, sometimes it's faster to talk over the phone—like if there are decisions to be made—and it is more pleasant to hear someone's voice now and then.
5. What if suddenly the sky was green and the grass was blue? What would you think?
Either, “This has to be a dream,” or, “I shouldn't have smoked that pipe-weed.” Haha—inside joke. :-P
6. If you built a time machine, where would you go first? (let's just assume we're all capable of building a time machine, ok?;)
I must confess I'd be tempted to go back to times in my life where I made some stupid mistakes, so's I could correct them.
7. If the powers that be suddenly decreed that everyone must wear a bright pink shirt with a chartreuse daisy adorning the front and bunny slippers on our feet, what would you do? (um...nope. No idea where that one came from!)
I'd say they had finally hit rock-bottom in Fashion Central...and go on wearing my regular clothes.
8. If you could become a character from a book, who would it be?
Hmmm...hard to say, as I'm not enough like any of my favorite characters to actually become them.
9. Do you paint your nails?
No, actually. For one thing, I never saw the point, and for another, the fumes give me a headache. :-P
10. Are you a perfectionist?
Unfortunately, yes. Sometimes to the point of stupidity. Although I *think* the Lord is helping me tone it down a bit...I think....
11. Do you unintentionally incorporate movie lines into your everyday conversations?
No, I'm afraid I know exactly what I'm doing when a movie quote slips out of my mouth. *Halo*

And now to think up 11 questions for whoever feels like answering them:

  1. How did you become a Christan?
  2. Did you ever make snacks for yourself as a kid? Describe the wonkiest one(s):
  3. How do you usually do your hair?
  4. What was the first Scripture you memorized?
  5. List seven things you would buy if money/practicality/whatever were no object:
  6. Favorite candy(ies)?
  7. What are your beliefs regarding Godly music?
  8. What do you consider your personal badge (something that represents your character, personality, etc.)?
  9. What are your sentiments on the subject of dragons?
  10. Coke or Pepsi (or neither)?
  11. Describe a favorite outfit—one for Summer, one for Winter:

Have fun, my hearties! ;-)

God bless,


  1. Oh, I love that hairstyle!=)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed doing the tag - I might come back later and answer your questions in a comment because they look like fun:)

    And, I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award!


  2. Your hair is lovely! I don't know that I'd have the patience to do that many braids, but the result makes me want to give it a try!



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