Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ramdom Things and a Sneak Peak

Hmmm...methinks I need to update my blog more than once a week, as things tend to pile up, and then my posts end up ten pages long in order to cover everything. :-P Then I get bogged down and skip a week. :-( I'll see what I can do to remedy that; stay tuned....

Spring has definitely sprung! The birds are singing. Our lawns and old Mr. H's cow pasture adjoining our property are all green. Some of our flowers are blooming. Mom and I planted over half-dozen new flowers this past fortnight. I put up our windchimes (I'd show you a picture, but they're in sore need of revamping)...and one day I wore my purple thongs instead of my rubber “mud-boots” out-of-doors!!!
*Big happy sigh*

And now , Gentle Readers, it's time for me to reveal Seven Random Things about myself, as part of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, which Miss Tasha bestowed upon my humble piece of the Web...erm...two weeks ago. *Sheepish*

So, here are the instructions for this here award...

1.  In a post on your blog, nominate 4 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. Well, I figure the folks I would award have already been awarded by other people, since my circle of cyber-friends is a bit limited...yet.
2.  In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award. Kinda dropped the ball here; I posted it two weeks ago. Oops.
3.  In the same post, thank the blogger (or bloggers!) who nominated you with a link back to their blog(s). Once again, THANK YOU, Tasha, for this award!
4.  In the same post, include 7 random pieces of information about you. See below....
5.  In the same post, include this set of rules. Check.
6.  Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination with a comment on their blog. Right, well, how about this: Anyone who reads my blog who hasn't been nominated yet, you are hereby nominated. And informed. I look forward to reading your Random Things. :-D

Seven Random Things About Miss Rebekah G. (otherwise known as Tom/Wild Rose LeBlonde):

  1. I love things like this. Love them. It's such fun to fill out questions...which could possibly mean I'm a little self-absorbed...? O.O
  2. My favorite candies (apart from boxed chocolates) are: Jelly Bellies, Milky Way (regular and Midnight), Gummi Bears, Almond Joy, Hershey's Symphony, Hershey's Cookies and Cream, Butterfinger, peppermint patties, Hershey's Take-5. (I seem to have a thing for Hershey's....)
  3. As a kid, I used to make some pretty wonky snacks—catsup-and-mayonnaise sandwiches, and slices of Cheddar cheese spread with peanut butter, being most common.
  4. Looking at my closet, it occurred to me recently that most of my frocks are thrift store finds, handmade, or Green Cross rescuees. Hardly anything is “new.”
  5. I cringe to spend more than $20 on one item. Shoot, I cringe at spending $20, period. :-P
  6. When my socks get holes in them, I darn them. Firstly, because most of the sock is still good, so it'd be wasteful to throw out the whole sock just for a little hole. Secondly, because the only socks that keep me warm are those wool-blend ones from Costco at $14 for three or four pairs...and I need NINE!
  7. I hate raw tomatoes. I've tried to eat them, but I just can't stand the taste. However, I love them stewed, spiced and puréed over pizza or pasta, or as a broth for minestrone. And what's a hot dog or hamburger without ketchup? This used to puzzle me as a kid, until my Dad remarked, “The key to cooking with food is knowing how to disguise it.” Then it made sense!

On the sewing front, by God's aid I've finally finished my Bodiced Petticoat! Yay! Here it is in its final form: 
Zipper installed, neckline lowered, hem rolled and embellished
And a close-up of the lace trim: 

You'll excuse me for not modeling it for y'all. I ain't the kind of gal who gits her picture took in her underwear. :-P Plus the neckline ended up rather lower than I expected (hello! :-O), so it's a bit shocking. But at least it won't peek out above my dresses, wot?
I decided not to whiten it after all because, frankly, I have more important projects screaming to be finished (or started), and besides (as I told myself throughout the construction process), it's just a slip—no one will see it! ;-)
Kind of an interesting project, really. The bodice is made from a sleeveless blouse, the skirt is part of a thrifted curtain panel, and the lace came off an old tablecloth that got a rust-stain on it and had to go bye-bye. Really, the only thing on this frock that's new is the invisible zipper!

God has given me the diligence I need to persevere with my sewing, a desire to succeed in reaching my goal of actually having something pretty to wear this Summer. And by His grace, I'm getting there. Despite some hiccups, I was also able to transform this dress into a Summer top...but I'll save that for another post.
Please excuse crummy photo--old camera

Until then, Gentle Readers,
God bless, and Happy May Day!

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