Monday, August 27, 2012

The Busy (Real) Life of TWR

Hi, all! It's been a busy week at Prairie Cottage of late. Between celebrating my "baby" brother's Silver Birthday, Mom's having cataract surgery (which, God be praised, went down without a hitch!), preparing for my grandparents' visit this week, my performing major surgery on Lucy Bear, and trying to get the house clean, menus planned and the grandparents' matching Patriotic Shirts made before they come...erm, yeah. We've been busy. 

QUOTE: "I have the country's five hundredth anniversary to organize, my wedding to plan, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it--I'm swamped!" (Name that line!)

( ...and excuse my imperfect recollection; it's been a while since we saw that one....)

But once all the busyness of preparation is over, I daresay there'll be some fun days ahead. Days that, unfortunately, won't include blogging, but afterwards I hope to be able to get a specific time for blogging chiseled into my schedule...starting with Part Two of Peter's birthdayness. :-)

Until then, Gentle Readers, have a wonderful week,
God bless,
and all that good stuff. ;-)



  1. ...Princess bride!! =D

    Hoping your week ahead is filled with fun and blessings amid all the busyness!
    Talk to you soon:)

  2. Goodness, you've certainly been busy! I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is doing well after her surgery! And how exciting that your grandparents are coming up for a visit=)

    Prince Humperdinck, The Princess Bride...I think. It's been a while;)

    I hope you have a wonderful week, too:)


  3. Both right! It is indeed Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride.

    Thank you both for your comments. So far it's been a pretty laid-back visit, but when you consider that Grandma is 86 and Grandpa 93, it's enough that they could even be here. :-)

    More later, as I have time.
    God bless, lassies dear!


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