Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

Our one family tradition come New Years Eve is to chill some Martinelli’s sparkling cider (apple-grape this year), bring out Grandma Burcham’s crystal glasses and toast our hopes for the coming year. That done, we then ring in the new year—literally. Years ago now, when I was just a little tike, my step-cousin Joe showed me how to wet my finger and run it quickly, yet gently, along the rim of my glass. The result is a beautiful, almost ethereal ringing. This little ritual has become a family tradition…which consequently drives the cats batty. :-P

This year, I still had a good amount of cider in my glass, so the tone was different from Mom’s and Peter’s. In fact, it was almost a perfect third lower—what are the odds? While rinsing them out later, I remarked that I wished we could have gotten a recording of it, and Mom began filling up the glasses with tap-water to see if we could get a triad. Peter lent his scientific aid—my brother, Mister Spock—and lo and behold! We actually managed to get the glasses a third apart in tone! I took a video (which I hope to upload soon) because I doubt such a thing will ever happen again.
We actually did it in two takes. The first time, the camera was too far away to get good sound, so we re-recorded our “glass harmonica” with the camera on the table. We’re hoping to dub the audio of the second recording onto the video of the first.

As I look back on 2012, there are some things I’m not a bit sorry to put behind me. The past two months—devoured almost entirely by killer migraines, neck pain, back pain and now a bum hip—especially. But there have been some definite perks, too—blessings God has showered on us to remind us that He loves us.
The gift of warmth, care of our loving Church family...and two sweet pussies who enjoy the fire almost more than we do...and who keep life from being too boring!
Meeting new friends while wearing pretty frocks, eating special treats and enjoying the all-too-brief Spring weather
A dream made reality
Redecorating my room was perhaps the biggest project we undertook this year. Part of it was out of necessity—the floor and part of one wall were decidedly “catty” (a pox on careless cat-owners anyway, say I). Besides, I was tired of the boring beige décor and claustrophobic furniture arrangement. So we painted the sub-floor with Kilz, replaced the carpet padding, tore out the closet and painted the walls a gorgeous shade of sky-blue. A clothes-pole on a new shelf provided a place for my pretty frocks (look, Ma! No closet odor!), and a different arrangement of the furniture gave me a bit more of the “breathing-space” I need so badly in a room. And by a miracle of God, there was even room for the pretty new desk I found at work (which “happened” to be a similar style to my existing furniture)! Awesome!
My "princess" bed, graced by my two faithful bedfellows, Booffy Bear and Mister Licorice. The Menagerie looks on from the shelf above, and the rag doll family Grandma gave me before we moved enjoys a shelf all their own
My "open-air" closet and beloved books
The bureau, where the "Wee Folk" enjoy a place of honor among my other treasures. The two center Japanese dolls (left) and the Wizard of Oz martrouschka were early Christmas gifts from Grandma
Pretty new desk, with my rock collection and a rescued picture above, and Mister Laptop sporting the "McSpadden" tartan as wallpaper. The wastebasket was a thrift-shop find and a replica of one I had as a child...which tragically broke many moons ago. God gave me back my trash can! :-D
Grandma and Grandpa visited us again last Summer, and Mom made them matching Patriotic Shirts as an early anniversary present
Grandma has been sorting and culling her stuff of late, and I asked her for a few things as keepsakes. Among the things she sent were these two Amish dolls, which I vaguely remember her buying back in the ’90s. I actually didn’t ask for them, but God knew I’d enjoy having them, so He had her send them anyway!
Rebeccah, with her quilt and Amish doll
(Bad pic, shown with the Swiss carousel from Patty) Originally called "At Prayer," I've christened this one Hannah. Her little Bible didn't make it up here, sadly. She's actually quite valuable
...and many more blessings besides!
Wishing you all, Gentle Readers, a blessed New Year!

God bless

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