Thursday, March 14, 2013

February Thrifting Haul, Part Two

Hello, Gentle Readers! As promised, here is Part Two of the story of God’s amazing provision in my wardrobe. I’m actually a little embarrassed—and humbled—by all this love He’s been showering on me. I really should never, ever complain!
This is what happened on Saturday, February 2nd, the day after my birthday….

We stopped by Jo-Ann’s first off, to see if they had any fabric that would match some scraps I had for a couple new projects (they didn't, but thats OK, as youll see in a minute). When we got there, we found out that this Jo-Ann’s was moving from its tucked-in-a-corner location on 4th Street to a new, bigger store in the Silver Lake Mall—which, consequently, is a lot easier to get to and closer to Post Falls! So they had some major sales going on that enabled Mom and me to get ourselves some pretty fabrics. Here’s what I got:

I’ve had some turquoise poly-cotton in The Stash for over a decade, but not quite enough for a whole dress like I wanted. So I’ve been on the lookout for something to supplement it with. Enter this Kona cotton solid—regularly $7.99 a yard (och!), on sale for 50% off (maybe more)! There were three yards and fifteen inches left on the bolt, so I got it all. I have practically nothing (nothing wearable, that is) in turquoise. Aqua—yes. Blue—yes. But turquoise? Nada. So this will be a great boost to my wardrobe! PTL!

This beautiful seafoam print was also on sale (is that a God-thing, or what?), so again, I got all that was left on the bolt (three yards, ten inches) intending to make a couple blouses—one long-sleeved, one short-sleeved. I was going to make the short-sleeved one as a secondary blouse for my “Sea Breeze” outfit. Turns out it was too greyed/muted and a touch too blue to go with my capris fabric, so I’ll be taking Mom’s suggestion and make meself a nice Summer dress.
I definitely need more green in my life, and this will be a good start. :-)

We then headed to the Goodwill, where I bought this cute little number:

The girls and I actually saw it the day before, but strangely, none of us bought it then. Guess I was supposed to wait until I had a bit of Birthday Money (courtesy of Mrs. S across the street), wot?
Normally I don’t go for pink (especially pale pink) and black, but somehow this micro-dotted twill, with its ruched sleeves and pockets and “lettuce-edge” serging, struck a chord. It was one of those “I don’t like X-Y-Z…except when I do” moments. ;-) It has a very 1950’s vibe to it—just add a circle skirt, cute ponytail updo and an ice cream soda, and voila!
I’ve since altered it to fit a little better, so it’s just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to be worn!

Having finished at the Goodwill, we headed over to the CdA Hospice Thrift, where I hit the jackpot. They have clothing 50% off on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so I was able to get half-dozen new-to-me items for under ten bucks. Awesome!

Remember what I said about being “tall in the saddle” and that it’s hard to find trousers that come up high enough? Enter scrub-pants—they’re high-rise, comfy…and fairly easy to whack off for capris in the Summer. Plus they have POCKETS! Must have pockets, if only to have a place to put my hands in awkward moments. :-P
Lavender has a leg-pocket, too!
 As you can see, I found light pink, lavender and “cool”-green (deep emerald with a touch more blue in the mix), all of which blend nicely with fabrics/blouses I already have.

CU of embroidery
This brilliant-red blouse sports intricate embroidery…and consequently blends with my “Lassie” Skirt. :-) I’m in the process of removing the loops-and-buttons, so’s I can sew up the placket to a little above where the top button was. Haven’t decided whether to leave the placket open or add some lacing. Either way would suit this slightly exotic-styled top.

Speaking of red, “check” out this little micro-gingham blouse (yeah, yeah, bad pun :-P). I normally don’t go for tiny checks, but I just couldn’t resist that embroidered collar! All it needs is to be shortened some, otherwise it fits fine. Yay!

OK, so technically this “blouse” is a scrub-top, but I love, love, love this beautiful pansy-print (apart from the poisonous-looking acid-green, but thankfully it’s not too dominant). Purple is another color sadly lacking in my wardrobe—soon to be remedied! One nice thing about scrubs is that they have those handy pockets in the front (which dont show in the photograph). A little tailoring will make this one fit nicer, methinks, as its a bit shapeless right now.
Mom and I were able to go thrifting once a week all through February (plus a few times this month, too), and every time, God blessed us both with at least one or two things we’d been looking for. Because of this, I now have several long-sleeved blouses (my weakest point) for the coming Spring—a couple of which don’t need any alteration!—plus several “new” turtlenecks, and a grey and a cream sweater for the rest of the Winter. The Lord has been filling in my Summer wardrobe, too, so now I’m pretty much set…once I get out there and SEW! ;-) 

I’m still blown away by God’s provision. Yes, it means more sewing added to the towering pile already on my head, :-P but thankfully, very little of it is as complicated as some of my other projects. In the long run, these frocks will give me some nice clothes to wear this Spring and Summer, which will free me up to get the Fall and Winter things ready in the meantime, and tide me over while I work on other Spring and Summer things.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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