Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Wearin’ o’ the Green

Erin go braugh and a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, Gentle Readers!

While I mayn’t have much Irish blood in me, I do like to honor my heritage by the wearin’ o’ the green every Saint Pat’s…and to avoid getting pinched by unscrupulous persons (what genius started that tradition, anyway?!). :-P This year I went all-out and wore all the colors of the Irish flag—green, white and orange:
Photo by Peter

~What I’m Wearing~
Shoes: Black 3-strap Heels—thrifted
Stockings: White Sweater-tights—JC Penney (I think)
Skirt: “Emerald Spruce” Tartan Kilt—thrifted
Shirt: Dark-green Turtleneck—thrifted
Sweater: Cream Cabled Pullover—Wal*Mart
Necklace: “Wild Irish Rose” w/Rainbow Moonstone—Wild Rise Designs & Laurie Sarah Designs
Hairstyle: “Halo Braid”

(I also wore some green-glass drop earrings, but I didn’t like the way they looked on me, so I took them off as soon as we got home.)

I thought the white-tights-black-shoes look would seem “Irish” (especially since my shoes are *faintly* reminiscent of ghillies), but I wouldn’t recommend it with regular strap-shoes. That tends to look little-girlish. :-P

The sweater is the one I mentioned recently, purchased on clearance at Wal*Mart for $7.00. I hardly ever buy new clothes anymore because even Wal*Mart is too steep for my Scottish blood ($17 for one pair of jeans? Seriously?!), but when prices are this low, and it’s something I like, how can I resist? My only beef with it is that it’s 100% cotton (which tends to stretch out of shape quickly, and gets that stiff, “old-dishtowel” feeling after several washes), but its many perks outweigh that one fault. The classic style, great fit and deep V-neck that shows lots of color near my face—plus the fact that it will go with EVERYTHINGlove!
(Somewhat washed-out) CU of tartan pattern

Back view
This gorgeous wool wrap-skirt is one I picked up at my old workplace— Post Falls Hospice Thrift—half-off, too! At first I wasn’t sure I could live with that persimmon-orange, but the green is so beautiful—and consequently blends beautifully with my turtleneck—that I decided to give it a go. Actually, I left it at the store when I first saw it, but the next week it was still there, so obviously God wanted me to have it, wot?
Originally I was going to pleat the front flaps to match the back of the skirt, since I wasn’t sure the flat-fronted look was that flattering on me. But the previous owner put a honking-great huge patch under a weakened area of the skirt, and it was so stiff that it wouldn’t pleat properly. So I had to content myself with moving the buttons over for more ease around the ol’ hips. :-P It’s really comfortable—warm, too, being wool. The quality is very nice; it’d probably sell for upwards of $20 on Etsy or eBay, easily (especially since it may be vintage). I need to get meself a kilt-pin, though (or throw down some Velcro), to keep the front overlap closed…especially on windy days.

I apologize for the lack of pix. Speaking of wind, we had quite a bit of it today, and it was still stinkin’ cold out, so we didn’t linger. But it was also gloriously sunny when we got home from church, so it seemed logical to do a photo-shoot outdoors, aye?
PETER: "You're squinting quite a bit."
ME: "That's 'cos it's bright out here." :-P

And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make some pizza crust for dinner tonight. We’re not Irish enough round hereabouts to like corned beef and cabbage! :-P

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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