Friday, September 6, 2013

The Ankulen--Interview with Jen

To help Kendra celebrate the publication of her newest book, The Ankulen, I volunteered to interview the heroine, Jen. You can read the interview below.
(And don’t forget to drop by Kendra’s blog—she’s holding a Blog Party that looks really amazing!)

Hello, Jen. It’s very nice to meet you—I always enjoy meeting other “scribblers.”* Please tell us a little about yourself—first, what is your full name?
 Jenifer Marie Brown. No relation to Mr. Brown though. I can moo, but lightening is beyond me. It's very hard to make a sound like that.
How would you describe yourself, appearance-wise (for those of us who’ve never met you in person)?
I'll give you the description I put in The Ankulen: 
I have frizzy brown hair that only makes it half-way down my back – if I stretch it to full length. Since it's so frizzy, sometimes it barely makes it past my shoulders. I have grayish-blue eyes that are hidden behind a thick pair of glasses. My skin can only be described as pasty with an overdose of freckles – and not even those cute, evenly placed freckles, either! I'm 5'4.
When did you begin writing, and what was the catalyst for becoming a writer?
 June 22nd last year. While I had an amazing imagination as a kid, I lost it at the age of seven - before I began to transition into writing mode. Once I had my imagination back, I started writing that very night.
What most inspires you to write?
 My childhood adventures, books I've read, movies I've watched, and of course, God's Word.
What is your favorite place to visit in your imagination?
 As a kid, I liked visiting the Wood Children and their Orchard best .. but now it's the Castle, which is a new addition and actually not mentioned in The Ankulen.
A silly question, just for laughs: What’s your favorite color and why?
 This never comes up in my book, but it's actually the same purplish-pink as the gems on my Ankulen. Always has been. 
Every writer gets Writer’s Block now and then—what do you do to overcome it?
 Talk to my siblings or mom ... talk to my Ankulen ... go for a walk. I actually haven't done any new, make it up as a I go along writing yet, so I haven't faced any really bad writer's block. Talk to me after NaNo, it may be a different story then.
Did you ever have a favorite toy as a child, or did you prefer a game of Let’s Pretend?
 I had a dress-up box full of old clothes that I loved. Other than that, I was content with Let's Pretend, sticks and other such strange things.
Who is your best friend, and how has s/he impacted your life?
 As a kid, I only had my imaginary friends, of whom Tisha was my best friend. They kept me from being lonely, provided me with a reason to hide from real people. When I got mad at all of them and abandoned them, I pulled myself in and didn't have any friends until last summer. Megan's my best friend now, and she helps me look on the bright side and see the good in people. Kendra makes a close second, and it's really because of her that I'm now published!
What lessons have you learned from your adventure with the Ankulen and your encounter with the Polystoikhedron?
 There were so many! First, forgiveness is essential, since you end up hurting yourself more than the person you won't forgive. Second, family is there to keep you from fighting your battles alone. Third, that was a mighty gulf that God did span at Calvary! Fourth, I don't ever want to give up writing again!
Thanks for doing this interview; I hope you enjoyed it, and that one day I’ll be able to visit your world. It sounds intriguing!
 Thanks for having me. Since I happen to know that your name was drawn for the giveaway, you will get that chance! And you sound like Kendra. She says that everything's intriguing. (She say's it's because too many people have misused "interesting" and it's lost its punch)

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

* Scribbler = An author, a writer. Source: The image of an author suddenly struck with Inspiration, frantically trying to write down all the words pouring into his/her head before they evaporate. Used as an affectionate term for the craft.
~Toms Dictionary of Whacked-out Terms and Old Family Sayings

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