Saturday, November 9, 2013

30-day Middle-earth Challenge—Day Nine: Prettiest Dress

>EDIT< I just realized this is my "Eleventy-first" post!!! I was thinking of doing something special for Post #111, but it came up before I knew it. However, since the costumes are my favorite element of of Peter Jackson's Middle-earth, I think this post's topic qualifies as "something special." :-)

Another hard choice! Ngila Dickson (the head costume designer for LOTR) designed so many beautiful gowns for all the ladies in the movies, it’s hard to pick just one and say it’s the prettiest in all Middle-earth. However, once again, since I cheated on my last entry and featured five Best Costumes, I’ll have to be good and do just that.

I’m going to say…Éowyn’s “Victory” Gown. 
The pale-blue color is so becoming on her, giving her a softer, more feminine look than some of her brown-and-white (or grey-blue) ensembles. The gold threads in the brocade jacket, the elegant jacquard trim, and the tiny jewels down the front of the jacket, all pay tribute to Éowyn’s rank as a Daughter of Kings, a member of the House of Eorl.   
Composite (with better view of jewels)
made by someone here
The undergown (my term) is worn with a long, fur-edged blue coat at another point in the movies, which is kinda cool.

We don’t see much of this frock in the movie, which is a shame, but Maggie has some gorgeous pix from the behind-the-scenes DVD and screencaps and stuff. Take a look!

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  1. Eowyn's Victory Gown is without a doubt my favorite out of all the beautiful dresses in the LoTR films. Everything about it is so perfect! If I were to choose one costume to recreate, this would be it. I wish we saw more of it in the actual film.

    1. It was a hard choice between this one, her "White Wool" and dark-green ones, and Arwen's "Hope," "Cranberry" (another one we don't see much of) and the cut-from-the-movie "Rose" and "Lavender Beaded" gowns.

      I know! I felt sorry for the costume designer--she did all this research and took such pains to create this regal "princess" gown...and all we see is the top in the movie. :-P


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