Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Things #8

Three things that made me happy today:

·        Getting the right amount of caramel extract to make my cocoa taste perfect. The dash of heavy whipping cream helped, too. :-)
·        Beef stew for supper. It’s become one of my favorite dishes in recent years, and it’s great on chilly nights.
·        Making gingerbread cookie batter. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve making gingerbread cookies—following Betty Crocker’s “Stone Jar Molasses Cookies” recipe, watching Mom melt the butter and molasses together (and later doing it myself when I was old enough), chilling and rolling out (and sampling!) the dough, cutting out fun shapes, decorating them with special candies. Ahh…memories. *Cue nostalgic music* Yes, sir, stirring that sticky-hot molasses and butter brought back a tiny bit of my childhood.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,


  1. Those made me happy just reading about them. Now I want warm things to eat, especially stew. I love stew and it sounds so yummy right now.

    1. Welcome, Jack! Thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, warm beef stew is one of the best things to eat on a cold night--especially with sourdough toast to sop up the gravy. Mmmm....

  2. Oh, these are such happy things! Thinking of you today<3

    1. Thank you, m'dear; it's nice to be thought of!


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