Monday, March 28, 2016

The New Dream: Take 2

“What if it’s not everything I always dreamed of?”

Y’know that Rapunzel-inspired Party Frock I posted about a while back?
Since then, the more I looked at my fabrics, the more I began to have serious doubts about the whole mixed-prints thing…especially once I realized I couldn’t embroider the skirt (well, I could, but it would have been too busy with the print), and I did so want to embroider it.

I did some more thinking and rather confused praying about it, afterwards getting a second opinion from Mom. The resolution I came to as a result is this: I’ve had this dream for nearly six years; it’s something close to my heart—something very special to me—I don’t want to botch it up. Mom encouraged me to get solid-colored fabrics for the skirt and sleeves because that’s what I really wanted, and we both knew I just wouldn’t be happy with the mixed prints. I’ve done this to myself so many times in the past—wanting to recreate a favorite movie costume (or a more modest version thereof *cough*), visualizing it in my mind, having a goal for how to make it…and then either cheated myself with incorrect fabrics and/or messed up the project out of impatience, or just given up entirely.
I don’t want to settle for “close enough” or “sorta inspired by” just because that’s what I could afford/find locally, when just a little more effort (and admittedly, a little more $$$) can bring me closer to my goal.

No, I am NOT going to spend upwards of $20 a yard for the “authentic” design printed on silk. That were obsession. I have, however, taken Mom’s advice and purchased three yards of solid orchid-purple cotton, and half a yard of lighter purple, from a couple of Etsy stores. And here they are:
L-R: Kona Cotton "Wisteria" (upper sleeves),
Printed Bodice Fabric,
Kona Cotton "Crocus" (skirt)
 (Pardon the wrinkles; I haven’t had time to iron them yet.)
So now I can embroider the skirt like I wanted, PTL! And I’ve decided to use the embroidery patternfrom the movie costume. I mean, come on, if I’m going to make a Rapunzel dress, I should go ahead and make a Rapunzel dress, wot? Plus it’s so cute and fun and, well, Rapunzel-y! This graphic (thumbs-up to whoever made it) gives a pretty good idea of how the embroidery is laid out, so hopefully I can correlate it with the actual patterns.
I’d still really like to have the front panel be printed, but this print doesn’t come in a deeper orchid-purple. Not sure I could successfully over-dye it, either, so I’ll probably just make the whole skirt out of the “Crocus” fabric.

Also kinda waffling on whether to go with the “all purple” color scheme like I originally planned, or to take that extra step and make pink lower sleeves, get pink piping and lacing, and add pink and blue to the embroidery. It looks great on Rapunzel, of course, and on little girls…but on me? Feels like it’d be a bit young, and I don’t want to look like a refugee from Disneyland (or and Easter egg, LOL).
Cue more thinking and praying….

And don’t worry about the swirly print; I love it too much in its own right to toss it. In fact, by God’s grace I discovered I can get a whole dress out of my 3 ½+ yards, with a little careful pattern placement. So hurrah! I get a purple Summer frock, too. :-D

I’ll admit, I was ready to give up on this project for a time, but God has brought me this far with it—providing for the materials—and confirmed it through Mom’s encouragement. I can only trust that He’ll guide me through to the end.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished dress! I'm sure it will be amazing! :)


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