Saturday, April 1, 2017

“Can I call you *Bob*?”

(Virtual cookies to whoever gets the joke! ;-))

I was—keyword WASgoing to do a Rapunzel-themed April Fool’s post today, and see if I could fake you-all out into thinking I’d gotten a chin-length bob….

…but then Blogger ATE MY DRAFT just because I accidentally went into edit mode and back out again without saving, even though I hadn’t made any changes. (WHAT?!) Hours of work—finding the right pix, linking to the sources like a good girl, writing it all out, polishing and proofreading and previewing to get it looking (mostly) just right—and months of waiting to spring my loverly, clever little joke on my Gentle Readers…down the flush.
You bet I was mad.
And I didn’t feel like re-writing it (and when I tried, it came out all stupid).

So instead, I’ll just come out and say it: I cut my hair. Actually, Mom cut my hair, but at my request.
And now some of you are looking at me like
No, nononono. Don't go! Stay with me, Eugene! Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine...:
"What have you DONE?!"
Just stay with me here....
In a nutshell, it was too long to leave down without getting in the way (or tucked into my jeans along with my shirts :-P), and the waist-length braid was feeling rather stale and unflattering. I wanted something fresh and new…and that didn’t take ten or fifteen minutes to fix in the mornings when I feel like I need to go-go-go ASAP.

In all honesty, I actually did seriously consider a short bob (but a LOT better looking than that stupid Anime-inspired monstrosity they gave poor Rapunzel. FAIL). However…well, a chin-length bob with straight hair tends to look rather plain. And I feel plain enough as it is, most of the time.


Thanks, boy-o…but you’re prejudiced. ;-)

Plus chin-length is rather short, almost too short to look feminine (on me, anyhow). So I took Mom’s advice and went with a less drastic length.

Ta-da! *Cue dorky smile*
All pix but this one taken by Mom

(Fun fact: The first thing out of my brothers mouth when he saw it was, "Hey, Jo." *Snicker*)

And now that you’ve (hopefully) recovered from my shocking bit of news, here are some better pix of my new ’do:

Mom wanted to curl the ends after cutting it,
to see how it would look.
Obviously, one side was still dampish :-P

Hair was still wet back there,
so it didn't curl, LOL
Cute, ja? 

This was actually a couple inches longer than I intended—I was thinking of just-barely-shoulder-length—but Mom cut it longer, and when I saw it, I realized it was quite short enough, and that any shorter would probably be hard to put up in the Summer. 
Its a bit plain, perhaps, and definitely a major change from what I’m used to, but soooo much easier to care for and deal with already. I love it!
(For the curious, we actually made the chop back in March, but it was too perfect an April Fool’s gag! Or would have been, if Blogger hadn't been such a snot.) 

This length will allow me to put it up if I’m so inclined (even in curlers, as pictured below), but is still short enough that I don’ t have to all the time. It pretty much stays out of my way, and I don’t have to deal with a three-foot hairy curtain or thickish braid sweeping the floor when I bend over, now. :-P

I look a bit stoned here, LOL
...although the pix we took before  were worse.
I miss being photogenic
My aunt gave me a bunch of headbands shortly before The Haircut, and Ive found they work really well! A pair of simple hair-clips is good for at-home days, too, and to my delight, I can still dress up my shorn locks with hair-flowers and ribbons!

Headband and Curls. (No, nobody punched my lights out.
I have permanent dark circles. Mreh.)
So, what are your thoughts?  
Did my news shock the tar out of you, or are you still chuckling?  
Do you love my new do, hate it, or not care one way or another? 
I want to know!
MOM: "OK, Licorice, tickle her so she'll smile."
*Cat rubs against ankles*
ME: *Laughs*
CAMERA: *Click*

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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