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Five Golden Braids | Interview with Rapunzel!

And here we are again with another Blog Party, hosted in part by Kendra E. Ardnek of Knitted By God’s Plan (and several other authors)!

Anton Argentos:
Or perhaps we should say, *Hair* we are again? *wink*

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Actually, that’s not too far off the mark, because this Blog Tour features five different retellings of one of my favorite Faerie-tales: Rapunzel! Specifically, Kendra’s latest Bookania Quest, Hair We Go Again.
Hop on over to Kendra’s blog (and/or the blogs of the other four authors) for more details!

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Today, I have the very great honor to do a Character Interview with one of the cast from Hair...but first, a bit about the book, and the Anka* who wrote it (or rather, Arista, as she calls herself in Bookania):

The loverly cover-art!
Book Description:
The Bookania Quests #5
Still reeling from recent trauma, Robin and Eric struggle to find stability in the midst of increasing tension both at home and with others. When friends ask their help to rediscover their castle, lost during their hundred-year sleep, Robin and Eric agree to help. But this castle holds secrets of its own – including what may be the fate of Eric’s long-lost brother – launching them on another quest. Meanwhile, Maryanne's busy on a much more important mission of her own: find a jackalope. Yet no one’s ideas seem to coincide with hers, and family disagreements muddy everything. Can healing ever be found when people refuse to communicate?

Author Bio:
Kendra E. Ardnek loves fairytales and twisting them in new and exciting ways. She's been or acting them on her dozen plus cousins and siblings for years. "Finish your story, Kendra," is frequently heard at family gatherings. Her sole life goal has always been to grow up and be an author of fantasy and children's tales that glorify God and His Word.
Find her online at: Website|| Blog|| Goodreads|| Facebook|| Twitter|| YouTube || Newsletter || Instagram ||Amazon
* Anka = Originally referring to the (female) keeper of a magical piece of jewelry that brings the imagination to life, coined in Kendra E. Ardnek’s The Ankulen (male form Anku, gender-neutral/collective form Ank’). I have adopted the term when referring to my fellow scribblers (and when my Characters address or refer to me), but give full credit for its creation to Kendra.

And now, on to the Character Interview. (Silence in the Peanut Gallery,† an it like ye—we don’t want to overwhelm our important guest, after all!)
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Elves and Hobbits...please give a warm welcome to...Rapunzel!

Hail and well-met, Maid Rapunzel! (Or is it Princess?) Welcome to The Rambling Rose. Make yourself comfortable, have some refreshments (courtesy of our own Bramblerose Cottonwool), and let’s get started with this interview. (By-the-bye, you’ve always been one of my favorite Faerie-tale heroines. )

Oh, that’s good to know. Thank you.

Youre very welcome.
For starters, tell us a little about yourself.

Um, my name is Rapunzel, I lived most of my life in a tower because I had magic in a time when magic wasn’t accepted, and now I don’t live in a tower because the witch is dead and I married Lukas.

It’s probably safe to say you’re most famous for your long golden hair. I’m curious—how did it grow so long? Is it magical, or do you just have epic hair genes?

It is safe to say, yes. The plant I was named for, which my mother ate so much through her pregnancy, was infused with magic. The speed with which my hair grows is just one of the many side effects.

What is your favorite color?

Would it be cheating to say all of them? If so ... maybe blue - for the sky, and all of its possibilities.

Do you have any pets, hobbies, or other things that interest you?

I spent my whole life in my tower, cut off from human contact. Gothel provided me plenty of things to pass the time - sewing, knitting, weaving, painting, gardening, cooking ... if she could find a way to bring it into the tower, she did.

Tell us about Prince Lukas.

Well, he’s my husband. I think he’s the best man in all of Bookania. He laughs when I tell him this, though, reminding me that he’s the only man I know. Well, not so much anymore, now that I’m out of the tower, but he used to. He’s kind, and generous, and brave, and loyal ... oh, and handsome, of course. I think he’s going to make an amazing king, when the time comes.

Have you any plans or dreams for the future?

What I have now is more than anything I ever dreamed of - but I know that there are things that I do have to plan for. After all, Lukas is Winthrop’s crown prince, and that means that he’s going to be king someday, and that will make me queen. Robin says she’ll help me figure it out, and that Queen Camillia will, too, but I must admit to being quite intimidated at the prospect!

What do you want most out of life?

To live it to the fullest. Now that I’m not contained by walls, there are so many possibilities.

Indeed! I hope you get your wish, and thank you for visiting!

Peanut Gallery = My collective term for the various and sundry Voices In My Head, which I’ve personified as Characters in my numerous WIPs...and who have a habit of interrupting or hyjacking my blog posts at random....

Until next time, Gentle Readers—

Happy Reading and Writing—and creating and making the world beautiful in general!!! <3

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Anyhoot, check out the other fascinating twists on the classic tale of the girl with long golden hair, leave comments on the authors’ blogs, and have fun!

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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