Thursday, April 26, 2018

30 Day Song Challenge | Day 26: Song You Can Play on an Instrument

Having a music major for a mother (and a father who had latent-but-never-developed musical talent), I couldn’t very well escape having some musical talent myself. Which meant playing or singing with the family and/or various groups through the years.

My dad taught me the basics of how to play the soprano recorder when I was nine, and now I play all but the tenor and bass (tiny hands :-P). One of my favorite songs to play on the alto recorder is “Masters in This Hall,”* as I have a liking for Medieval/Renaissance music, and it’s one of the few pieces I can play by memory.

Several years ago, the community chorale we were in performed this song for our Christmas concert, at which time I learned it told the story of Jesus’ birth, making it one of my favorite lesser-known Christmas carols. 😊

* Note: This is not the arrangement we sang with the chorale, but it was the best I could find.

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