Monday, February 28, 2011

Setting Up Shop

Actually, the shop's all set up. More like "Restocking the Shop"! Yes, Gentle Readers, I have been adding things to my Etsy store. Lots of new goodies to oggle...and hopefully they won't be there long. :-D

Haven't done much else today of interest...unless you count hacking up raw meat for my famous minestrone! Thank goodness for rubber gloves! :-P Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to supper tonight. Homemade minestrone is my absolute favorite soup on the planet. Close second would be that Chicken Bean Stew with Alfredo sauce and LOTS of cumin. ;-)
Someday I need to figure out how to put multiple pages on this thang, like a Links page (unless there's a better way to have a direct link to my Etsy shop and website) and ones for sharing recipes and such. And smileys. Must have smileys. Surely there's a way to get smileys in here...?
Can you believe tomorrow is March First?! It seems like we just had New Year...of 2009. :-P But that means Spring is just around the corner! *Happy dance* I need to get going on my sewing, so's I'll actually have something to wear this Summer besides T-shirts and cut-off jeans. :-P
Oh, and I'm thinking of making meself a new Summer hat. That blog party post got my inner Costume Designer's creative juices flowing. The one I have is good, but like all hats, it really doesn't fit me very well because of me bangs. And I MUST have bangs; mine isn't the kind of forehead you can just expose. It's just too...severe. If Caroline Bingly (P&P 1995) had had blonde hair and light-brown eyebrows, that's what I look like sans bangs. :-P Unfortunately, your average hat is made for people who have "outgrown" bangs, and sits just above eyebrow-level. Which of course would squash my bangs and make me look dreadful should I ever remove my hat. So I usually wear it tilted back a a bit on my head, which looks OK except that makes the crown too tall. So my idea is to make something like this or this, only in canvas dyed either lavender, light denim-blue or deep green, and with a relatively short crown. Lavender would be my first choice, as it's my signature color, dontcha know, but it doesn't go with quite *everything.* Red, for example. Not that I wear a lot of red, but I don't want to have to have a whole 'nuther hat for when I do. 'Cos I'm cheap like that. :-P I consider green sort of a neutral because it's the color of flower-stems, and flowers come in every color of the rainbow. Denim-blue would be like a pair of jeans, which, IMHO, do go with everything, and therefore would be the most practical. Or I could just hack up alter my existing hat to fit, which would probably be cheaper. :-P
Not much else happening in Tom's World today. I may work on my purple blouse later. Pictures coming soon!
Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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  1. I am SO ready for Spring!=)

    I love your summer hat ideas. I have bangs, too, so I know all about squashed bangs. They look pretty awful;) That was something I hadn't thought about when I got them cut...but, I still like them:)

    In Christ,


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