Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Fever

A word of advice: Don't use steak in minestrone. Not being as porous as hamburger (what I usually use), it doesn't pick up as much of the flavor of the broth. Don't get me wrong; the soup was still delish and all...the meat just tasted a little funky. Hee, live and learn. Who'd have thought humble ground beef would ever be superior to steak? :-P
Got some good work accomplished on my purple blouse (christened “Wood Violet”), PTL!
...Unfortunately, I can't show you what I did because Blogger won't let me upload pictures from my computer! :-( So y'all will just have to wait till our resident computer geek (hi, Bro :-)) and I can figure something out.
The Boggart: But until then I'll keep you in suspense until you burst from agonizing curiosity! Mwahahahahahaha!
Tom: Begone, you imp! Who let you out of the closet? >Brandishes Elvish sword<
Exuant Boggart
*Ahem* Sorry about that. My alter egos tend to steal the keyboard from time to time. They're harmless, really. Honest.
On a more positive note, Spring is in the air! We've seen rabbits every night for three nights in a row, and last week the snow under our back window was all over bunny-tracks—it looked like all the rabbits in Kootenai County had a party in our backyard. Hee! The sun is shining today, and the temperature got up in the 50's! Wow! The robins are back, hopping along and pausing to listen for worms in the lawn. Other little birds are singing and twittering in the hedge, and the snow is melting! I'm praying this means Spring is just around the corner....
Allow me to share one of my favorite Springtime songs:
Rambles of Spring
Tommy Makem

There's a cold and wintry breeze blowing through the buddin' trees
And I've buttoned up my coat to keep me warm
But the days are on the mend and I'm on the road again
With me fiddle snuggled close beneath my arm.

I've a fine felt hat and a strong pair of brogues
I have rosin in me pocket for me bow
And my fiddle strings are new and I've learned a tune or two
So I'm well prepared to ramble, I must go.

I'm as happy as a king, when I catch a breath of Spring
And the grass is turning green as winter ends.
And the Geese are on the wing, as the Thrushes start to sing
And I'm headed down the road to see my friends


I have friends in every town as I ramble up and down
Makin' music at the markets and the fairs.
To the Dumphies and the Friels and the farmers makin’ deals
And the Yellow-headed tinker sellin' wares.


Here's a health to one and all, to the big and to the small
To the rich and poor alike and foe and friend.
And when we return again, may our foes have turned to friends
And may peace and joy be with you until then.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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