Saturday, March 12, 2011

Seven Random Things You May Not Know

Kellie posted this fun little mini-questionnaire and said anyone could do it who wished to. Well, seeing as I can never resist one of these things (especially when it's open to anyone)...well, you know. ;-)

~Seven Random Things about meself~
  1. I'm English by blood, Scottish by practice (you should hear those two drops of Scottish blood lecture me about Frugality!), Italian by palette...but in me heart of hearts, I'm Irish.
  2. I can never—ever—follow a pattern *exactly.* I always have to tweak something, be it the sleeve style or adding piping where none is called for, or even just switching out buttons for snaps.
  3. I sleep better with something soft and fuzzy in my arms...and I don't mean the cat!
  4. I started collecting miniature dolls when I was nine
  5. Four things that fascinate me include (but aren't limited to): Gemstones, vintage jewelry, antique doll fragments and movie/historical costumes
  6. I have never owned a dog. Ever.
  7. I still have my very first teddy bear

Fun, fun, fun!

Got some more progress done on “Wood Violet” yesterday. I cut the armholes deeper so they're not so snug, and on Mom's suggestion I tapered the sleeve-seam from 5/8” to ¼” at the underarm. That done, I took a ¼” seam when sewing the sides. This allows the blouse to be nicely tailored still, but also keeps it from being too tight anywhere. I sewed these seams on a long-stitch first to see if that would work, and since it did, I sewed them up for real after trying it on. I suppose I didn't *have* to take out all the fluorescent green basting thread, but it would have bugged me to see it in there every time I put on the blouse. :-P

Yeesh, OCD much? :-P

Scat. >:-(

Anyway, I got as far as putting the ruffles on the sleeves and collar before it got too late for me to wrap my brain around how to attach collar or topstitch the sleeve-plackets. :-P So that'll have to wait.

The Pixie:
I'm loving this blouse! On the whole, it's been a joy to sew, and it looks so nice (I love it when things start looking like actual garments! ^_^)...and it's PURPLE!!! *Happy Dance*

Ermkay, looks like the Peanut Gallery has decided to take over the blog—“The Peanut Gallery” being the collective term for all my alter egos. Methinks I'd better sign off now, before they scare away all my readers. :-P

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,


  1. Yay! I'm not the only person who's over ten and still sleeps with something cuddly! =) I have a collection of stuffed elephants, and one or more of them always ends up in bed with me. =)

  2. Hee! It's bears for me. I have five who live on my bed at present because four of them are my very favorites, and the fifth is too big to fit on the shelf!

  3. I always end up tweaking patterns, too. Just can't leave well enough alone;)

    You've never had a dog?! Are you more of a cat person, then?

    I still have my first teddy bear - her name is Pink Bear and she's white with a pink ballet outfit:)

  4. Nope, not one single dog. I do prefer cats on the whole (they clean up after themselves and keep themselves clean), but I do like a well-behaved, well-trained, well-cared-for dog now and then. Our family has just never been able to afford a fenced-in yard. :-P

    Pink Bear sounds very pretty. Were you a ballerina as a little girl?
    My Booffy Bear is basic brown...which is probably a good thing, as he went on many "adventures" and led a rather rough-and-tumble life, LOL.


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