Monday, March 14, 2011


I write this from my bed, as I woke up in the middle of the night with a slight scratchy throat and a bit of congestion...which consequently has zapped my energy. So my long-suffering brother (who has been under the weather himself) very sweetly brought my laptop into my room so's I could do some computer work while taking it easy. Thanks, Bro! <3

You know how I've been talking about the McSpaddens of late? According to one article I read, they're an offshoot of the MacFaydens (I'd post the link, but last time I tried to look through the genealogy pages, I got a virus warning!). But the fellow near the bottom of this page says that's all hooey made up by kilt merchants, and that the McSpaddens were probably too poor to have a family crest or tartan, and that “the ancestors of the American McSpaddens were long gone from Scotland” before specific tartans became associated with clans and what-not. And I have a feeling he's right, as my great-grandmother (whose mother was a McSpadden) was from Oklahoma. Which might explain why it's been so difficult to find ANYTHING in what the other article described as the McSpadden tartan: “...deep red, with plaids of green and violet.”
So I've chosen this one instead. :-P
Garish? Perhaps. But hey, as The Pixie said last time—it's PURPLE! ;-) (And no, I haven't bought it; I just like it.)

On a more positive note, I sold two necklaces yesterday! PTL! Our church does this thing called Supper For Six or Seven, where three families gather once a month for three months in each other's homes for—duh—supper. We did it last Winter, and signed up again for the Spring rotation (they mix it up so people get to know several different folks). This time we're in a group with one old fellow and the music leader and his wife. Guess who took a fancy to my green-and-white necklace (“Woodland Princess”) for St. Patrick's Day? ;-) And then her husband suggested buying the blue-and-white one (“Lotus Blossom”) for her sister's birthday. Hurrah!
So I nipped over to Etsy this morning and deactivated those listings. :-P How awkward it would have been if someone had bought them during the night, after I'd sold them to this lady! Eek.

OK, methinks I take a nap now.
O! for some chicken soup....

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,
and keep well!

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