Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring and Shop Expansion

Well, the calendar may say it's Spring, but you'd never know it from the weather! Cold and gloomy and looking for all the world like it's still Winter. Blah. :-P Well, enjoy your little joke, Old Man Winter; you can't keep Spring away forever!
And at least we didn't get nine inches of snow like we did in California several years back...twice. :-P

I was going to wear my artificial wreath (see icon) to celebrate the First Day of Spring...but as always, I chickened out for fear of people giving me the eyebrow and disgracing the family with my silly antics. >Sigh< How does one balance being oneself and being dorky? How does one tell whether wearing ribbons or flowers in one's hair is part of one's personality, or just a silly, juvenile whim?
Twenty-six years old, and I still don't have a clue.
OK, enough whining....

While yesterday mayn't have been the happiest First Day of Spring ever, Mom did try to make it special by taking us to Costco for lunch (best pizza on the planet, Costco has), and after picking up a few things we needed, we headed across the parking lot to JAMMS for frozen yogurt. Mmmm.... :-D

And I beg a thousand pardons if this entry isn't exactly cheerful. I'm doing my God-aided best not to vent or mope, but it's hard. Part of it is the disappointing weather, but I think another part is the fact that my friend Grace C's memorial service was Saturday. I wish I could have been there, but flying back to California isn't in the budget just now. (Yes, this is the friend I mentioned in the Literary Heroine Blog Party who committed suicide in February.) Please pray for her family—especially her mother Anne (who is now doubly grieved because her best friend killed himself about two weeks after Grace did) and her brother Caleb (who found her). Please pray that somehow God will bring glory to Himself through this tragic situation, that the C family will be drawn close to Him and to each other, and that Grace's unsaved friends would accept and believe the Gospel message they heard at Grace's service.

On a more positive note....
In light of all the compliments I've gotten on my Earflap Stocking-cap, I've decided to take Mom's advice and offer them for sale on my Etsy shop. Since Etsy won't let me set up more than one per e-mail address, and I don't really want to go through the hassle of setting up a new one, I've decided to expand my current shop to include things besides jewelry. After all, “Wild Rose Designs” could refer to anything, really.

God bless,


  1. I love your spring wreath! So sweet! You just enjoy your unique, God-given personality, and if you like to wear ribbons or flowers in your hair - more power to ye', lassie! (Says the girl who wears a genuine vintage weasel around her neck. . .=D

    I'm so sorry to hear of the difficult time you are going through right about your friend. I will be praying for those involved.


  2. Thanks, Kellie. Your prayers are appreciated. I think I'm recovering, but of course things will never be the same.

    I've been thinking and praying about the whole wreath thing and come to some conclusions about it. I'm thinking the wreath is a bit too theatrical for me (unless I'm going to a Ren Faire or Celtic Festival ;-) ), but I might make meself some barrettes with silk flowers and what-not. And yes, I will wear ribbons when I feel like it. :-)


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