Friday, June 24, 2011

"Well, I'm back."

...but it looks like I need to re-evaluate my computer time. It seems that by the time I check my e-mail, catch up on all the other fabulous blogs I follow, look in on my Favorites on Etsy and Watched List on eBay, and what-not, there's no time left to write the kind of posts I want--the kind with pictures of my latest doings, for a more interesting look into the life of Tom Wild Rose. Especially if I want to proofread them so the schpellink is all purdy, and get my project diaries updated and/or jot down an Inspiration for one of the thousand and one stories swirling around in my head. :-P Add to that the fact that I still have a pile of sewing to do, plus other mundane household duties to perform, plus Mom's and my jewelry to get made, plus an Etsy store to run, et cetera, et cetera, ad nausium. :-P
So I need to do some hard thinking and even harder praying. I may have to give up blogging altogether. Oh, I'd still keep in contact with all the loverly people I've met in the Blogosphere, but I may decide I just don't have time to do any personal blogging. I'm not sure it's really my thing. But then again, it may be. I just don't know right now.

Speaking of praying, would you all PLEASE pray for my grandpa, Frank G.?
Grandma, Grandpa & me--August 2009. Photo courtesy of Patty S. ("Aunt" Patty)

A couple months ago he had to go to the hospital, and they found out he's losing blood. A lot of blood. He's had to have at least a couple transfusions already, they did a colonoscopy (he has prostate cancer, so they thought it had spread. It hadn't), and he swallowed one of those pill-cameras...but nothing has really helped or even discovered what's leaking in there. And apparently too many transfusions will cause a heart-attack. Which is not something an almost-92-year-old man who's has two bypasses wants to go through.
I'm trying to be brave and trust God and believe that His will is best...but I must confess that my will is stronger. I want Grandpa to get better and be well enough for him and Grandma to visit us this August like they wanted to. Because the last time they came, we only had about three days out of the week they were here with us all together, and then Mom and Peter had to man a booth at the fair. Thank God "Aunt" Patty was willing to drive us around. At least they got to see some of the area. But they didn't get to spend much time with Mom and Peter. So we were all really hoping they could come back this year--sort of make up for the last time--especially since we can't afford to go back to California this year. That's what I want, but I'm trying to release it into God's will and trust that He knows best.

'Cause of course all that wouldn't be His will, doncha know. :-P

Scram. >:-(
(Though I must admit, I do tend to assume that God's will in these cases is the complete opposite of mine.)

Please forgive the mopey tone of this entry. I vowed I wouldn't do this, but when something is weighing down on one, it's hard to be cheerful. Especially since the doctors are talking about exploratory surgery...which is absolutely frightening. And since I'm too chicken to speak up in church and ask them for prayer, I'm appealing to you, Gentle Readers, to remember poor Grandpa. It will be much appreciated.

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