Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Update (Whoo!)

OK, we finally have a report on what's going on with Grandpa.

When he swallowed the pill-cam, it got stuck in a mass somewhere between his stomach and intestines. In a nutshell, we now know that said mass is cancerous, and that's what's causing the internal bleeding.

*Insert several days of unrealism and mini-meltdowns here*

In a way, it's a relief to know what in Middle-earth (or out of it) was going on in there, and why he was losing so much blood. On the other hand, it's disheartening to find out poor Grandpa has two forms of cancer to deal with now instead of one.
The good news is, according to the doctor, the cancer is contained, so they think they can get it all out...which means surgery, of course, but at least it wouldn't be exploratory!


After Grandma had talked some more with the doctor, she called to say she and Grandpa are planning to come up a week from Saturday! :-D They figured it'd be better to come see us before the surgery, as it could be goodness knows how long before the paperwork even gets to the specialist, let alone nailing down an appointment, not to mention an actual date for the surgery. By that time we'll probably be under a foot of snow. :-P So yeah....

Which gives us a little less than two weeks to practice up some special songs we wanted to sing and play from their 60th anniversary--seven years ago--and for me to alter the dress I wore at the time. Nothing major; just taking in the dumpy-looking bloused bodice and perhaps do something with the skirt so it's flared instead of pleated. I don't like pleats or gathers around my waist.

Thanks for your prayers--they are much appreciated.

God bless,

P.S. Today is Grandpa's 92nd birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandpa--I love you lots!
July 2008

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