Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quickie Update and Craft Fair

Just poking my head in to say that I'm still alive, but don't have time to write anything in-depth right now.

Y'all remember when my grandpa had surgery earlier this year? Well, today it was Grandma's turn to go under the knife. Two words:
Shoulder. Replacement.
Grandpa called this evening and said she came through the surgery fine. We're praying she'll go easy on that arm so's it can heal properly!

I've signed up to be a vendor at a local church's annual craft fair! So that's partly why I haven't been posting--I've been so busy making new things to sell that by the time I get some computer time, I just want to zone out and blob, LOL. But that's not very good for blogging, hence this little note. Here's a sampling of the stuff I'll be offering for sale:
CU of "Aspen"
"Twilight Fairy"
Most of these are ones I made a few years ago, although "Aspen" "Twilight Fairy" and "Persian Rose" were made earlier this year. Pix of some of the newest ones coming soon!

"Bubbles" earrings
"Persian Rose" earrings

 The next step is to make earrings to match all the older necklaces. Bracelets will have to wait--I was barely able to afford more earwires and headpins for the earrings!


CU of "Earth"

You probably noticed a theme with the last three. I call them the Elements Series, depicting air, water, fire and earth. Trouble is, I can never think up a good way to represent Air! :-P

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless, and keep warm!

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