Friday, November 11, 2011

"...I pulled on the old rubber gloves...."

Tomorrow's the day of the craft fair, so today I'm trying to get some last-minute things done, as we won't have time tomorrow. 'Cos we have to be at the church by 6:30 in the morning (good thing it's only three minutes away)! Eesh.

Mom very kindly fixed my pink skirt (note to self: Never fit a skirt with jeans on!), and I got all but one necklace all polished up. Some of my creations were looking a bit grubby. :-P Mega thanks to my cousin Laurie for the silver polish she sent me! <3 That stuff works great, and requires a lot less elbow-grease (which is risky with tiny little parts) than TarniShield. Way less messy and smelly, too. I still miss my Medallion Brass and Copper Dip (which has been discontinued :-( ), but this is a good substitute. It does say to avoid using it on pearls and so forth (the copper dip didn't harm them at all), but hey, one can't have everything. I'm just thankful to have such a generous and thoughtful cousin, and that the stuff got here in time to bling up my wares for the fair. :-D

Must dash now and look after lunch and finishing up that little bear. Yes, bear--I'm offering hand-crocheted teddies, too! Pix coming soon.

Be sure to drop by my Etsy store later this month; I'm planning to add some new goodies after the fair. :-D

God bless, Gentle Readers,

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