Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks Blog Party

Miss Kellie has this going in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, and as I can't resist one of these questionnaires, I'm giving my own answers to her questions. I actually had it mostly done the other night, but then I made a mistake and pressed "Ctrl-Z"...and lost the whole thing. >:-( So yeah, Tom was not happy. Kinda killed the mood, yaknow? So we'll give this another try. God really has given me and mine much to be thankful for.

Like the fact that this is just a "quiz" (as these things were called when I first started blogging). No give-aways, not prizes, just answering questions for the fun of it. Not that give-aways and prizes are bad, mind you; they just tend to overshadow the questionnaire sometimes. So it was refreshing to see a good old-fashioned "quiz" in the Blogosphere. :-) So now, without further ado, my answers:

1. List three (little) things you wouldn't want to live without: Deodorant (for obvious reasons :-P), Booffy Bear ('cos it's easier to sleep at night with something soft and fuzzy in my arms) and my multi-skirt hanger ('cos otherwise my closet would be more crammed than it is)
2. Name something you had to do without recently: My fact, I'm still without it, as the little battery (Bro called it the "C-mouse"...?) is on the fritz
3. What are you most thankful for that you consider a luxury? Indoor plumbing!
4. Name an item you use the most throughout your day: Anti-bacterial soap or hand sanitizer ("Eesh, OCD much, Tom?")
5. What would life be like without the item listed in #4? Germy. And in my case, probably full of more illnesses and eye infections picked up off shopping carts >shudder<
6. Name something that you use in the kitchen that you are thankful for: Our big stockpot, otherwise known as the "kale-pot" or the "medium-sized soup-pot" :-P. And the VitaMix.
7. What is (one of ) the best earthly gift(s) you ever received? Oh wow, just one? Well, I'd say Lucy Bear, because I never thought Grandma would just give her to me out of the blue like that.
8. Name a completely random thing you are thankful for: All the fabrics, trims, beads, etc., that God has given me to make pretty things out of, for my enjoyment and His honor and glory (I hope!)
9. How often do you think about the item listed in #8? Umm...a lot. The wheels in my mind are almost constantly turning, thinking out new ideas....
10. Name something you recently acquired, that you have wanted for a long time: Time to work on a very old project (circa 2002-3) and make it less costume-y and more fitting for my (real) lifestyle.
11. Would you rather have #4, or #7? Well, my practical (and germ-phobic) side says #4, but my inner child is screaming at me that life without Lucy would be too sad for words....
12. Name one of your favorite things: Again I say, Ack! Just ONE?? ;-) Hmmm...Art Nouveau jewelry. It's so flowing and "organic," yet somehow still symmetrical (mostly), and very feminine! One might even say it has an almost Elvish flavor to fact, that style was what inspired the Elves' jewelry and architecture and what-not in LOTR.
13. Look around the room you are in, and name three things you enjoy in it: Mister Laptop, Booffy Bear and my "open-air" closet that lets me see all my pretty frocks* all the time.

* Frocks = clothing, garments. And expansion on the original meaning, "dresses" to include all wearables.
~Tom's Encyclopedia of Whacked-out Terms and Old Family Sayings

14. List three tools you use in your daily work that you are thankful for: My small pliers, round-nosed pliers and sharp wire-cutters. I use them the most of anything and would be lost without them!
15. Name something that you sometimes wish you didn't have in your life, but that you would miss dreadfully if it were taken away: Ooh, toughie. Probably my box of Special Papers. Paper clutter  is the bane of my existence and my least favorite thing to sort through (barring tiny little plastic toys, but that's another story). Still and all, I'd probably be very sad not to have some of those papers, as they are the only physical reminder of something special--a link to times past or people I've known who are gone--that I treasure.
16. Post a picture (or ten) of something you are thankful for!
Selling my first Custom Order on Etsy!
This gorgeous Blue Topaz--worth $80--that someone just GAVE me!
My earflap stocking-cap (AKA "Snowbonnet")
My crazy brother, who can get me to laugh even when I'm sulky <3

Licorice and Domino, who add their own special touch to our lives

The beauty of God's creation...which is so close to our home


What are you thankful for?

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless, and keep remembering His goodness!


  1. These Questionnaire are wordless. I am quite confused about Elves' jewelry views.

  2. So glad you joined, Rebekah!
    I need to call you... =) And know that you are more than welcome to call me any time, too!

    Three cheers for the VitaMix! And huge congratulations on your first custom order sale! So excited for you!


  3. Ruby Claire--And I'm a bit confused as to what you're getting at....

    Kellie--Me, too. I tried to do the linky-thing, but I'm not sure it did it right. Aw well. :-P
    And I just might take you up on that offer one of these days...unless you call me first. ;-)

    Hee, the VitaMix has been a good machine these past five (or is it ten?) years. Getting a bit old and cranky, but still running!

    Yes! That was exciting.


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