Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Things #1

I'm borrowing a page from Jenny LaFleur's book and posting about things that made me happy, in order to combat the madness that is December. Being an incurable tweaker, though, I've made some changes. Instead of listing what made me happy the previous day, I'll be posting about what made me happy today (although since I didn't get to it yesterday, I'll include Happy Things from then as well). I probably won't get to it every day this month, but my goal (Lord willing) is to post as many days as I can. Focus on the positive and all that. ;-) Also, I'm not going to limit myself to three things. 'Cos God doesn't limit Himself to bestowing only three blessings a day, if you look carefully.
So here goes:
~Ye List of Things that made Tom Happy~
December 1st, 2011:
  • Singing Happy Birthday to my dear Aunt B! (Actually, we sang to her answering machine, but whatever. ;-))
  • Finding a GENUINE ruby cabochon on eBay the right size for a pendant in the works...for only $11.20!!! (When I could find a cabochon anywhere near 6mm, they were either lab-grown, completely fake, or priced at three arms and two legs. Now you understand my excitement!)
  • Going to order a rose quartz cabochon on Etsy for the same pendant (I'll explain later), discovering that the seller would only offer them two at a time (I only need one), then finding another seller--from whom I was gong to order a couple other cabochons anyway...and consequently offers free shipping with multiple orders--had *just* put up a listing for ONE rose quartz cabochon. At half the price of the other listing. *BigGrin*
  • Watching Scrooge (the musical--LOL!) and eating sugar-free chocolates in celebration of Mom's finishing her part of the Sunday School Christmas program at church
December 2nd, 2011:
  • Actually getting up early enough to make my own lunch AND get ready for work, with time to spare.
  • Trying a new kind of cookie--spice cookies with chocolate chips and toasted nuts--made by my boss' husband...and getting ideas for how to make them myself.
  • Finding a knee-pillow for Mom among the incoming donations.
Copyright 2011 Wild Rose Designs. Thou Shalt Not Steal! Thank you.
So now you're wondering about this mysterious pendant I mentioned. Well, it's a pet project of mine that's been changing and developing over several years, and now, thanks to Laurie and Avo K. of Laurie Sarah Designs, it's in the process of becoming a reality! It's basically a flower (a wild rose blossom, actually :-)) surrounded by gracefully curving lines and Celtic knotwork, with a quartz crystal point hanging from it, and a 6mm cabochon in the center. And the cabochon is removable, held in its own separate setting that is secured in back of the pendant. That makes the stones interchangeable with one another, so's I can wear the pendant (christened "Wild Irish Rose") with pretty much anything! At right is my PaintShopped "sketch" of the pendant design. It will probably look different in real life, as it's often harder to create things *exactly* how you want them in the physical world, than it is on the computer. :-P Even for professional jewelers like Laurie and Avo. But they do custom work all the time, and they've been so very patient with me when I changed the design a couple of times, and so willing to work with me to get it the way I want it. I'm certain it will be beautiful when it's finished.
And if you're wondering how a country-lass jewelry-maker, who alludes to her "poor starving bank account" now and then, can afford to have such a complicated bauble custom-made by professional's because Laurie happens to be my first-cousin-on-my-mother's-side, and they want to do this for me. I am truly blessed in my relatives, wot? ;-)
Now hopefully nothing will go haywire with the thing, now that I've blabbed about it on my blog. Seems to happen a lot with things like this..../FRETTING
So anyway, have a Blessed Christmas season, Gentle Readers, and until next time,
I remain
Sincerely yours,


  1. I may have to steal this list of happy things idea:)

    Your Wild Irish Rose pendant is going to be beautiful! Interchangeable stones is brilliant=)

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Go right ahead. It's a great idea, and a good way to "count your blessings," as it were.

    Thanks! It seemed a lot more practical (and space-saving) than having 20 different pendants/necklaces in my jewelry box. :-P


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