Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eleven Questions (finally!)

Methought my Gentle Readers might enjoy these questions and answers until I get my photos spruced up and those special posts mentioned earlier written. I actually meant to answer Michelle's questions sooner than a month after reading them (bad Tom!), but se la vie.

~The Questions~

1) What is your favorite childhood memory? It's hard to pick just one, as there have been several happy times in my life in between the heartaches (as I'm sure anyone can say). What comes to mind is when a nice lady at the church we attended at the time gave me my very first miniature dolls. She made up a couple from craft-store heads as a Christmas present, then a little later she gave me four more heads copied (I found out much later) from antiques, plus "two little bitties, for toys" (meaning toys for the dolls' children to play with). I was nine years old at the time, and ever since I have had a love of miniatures in general, and miniature dolls in particular.
And yes, I do still have them all! ;-)
2) If you could meet anyone, either real, fictional, or someone from [a] figment of your imagination; who would it be? That fire-haired, curly-topped fellow with green eyes and the Donald O'Connor smile, always with a different name, who pops in and out of my thoughts...and sometimes visits my dreams. :-P
3) Which character from a book or movie are you most like? Guess I'm kind of a weird combination of Elizabeth Bennett (a bit unconventional but ladylike enough not to be called a tomboy, quick to judge, loyal to loved ones and takes on offenses for them), Anne Shirley (imaginative and quick-tempered, lover of nature, fantasy and romance) and Jo March (stubborn, socially awkward, hard to find my place, and my hair is my "one beauty"). With a dash of Frodo Baggins (burdened with life) and Samwise Gamgee (loyal, always a glimmer of hope deep down). :-P
4) Besides Jesus Christ, who is that one person that you admire, respect, and wish to be like? No one, really. I'm afraid no mortal has ever really earned that much admiration or respect from me.
5) What is your kind of hero? The wild, dashing, brave, noble and reckless kind; or the [quiet] mannered, gentlemanly, polite and honorable?
More like something in between the two--Devoted to Christ, noble and honorable, respectful of all regardless of gender, color, social status or nationality; helpful and encouraging, with a good sense of humor and who knows when to be serious and when to have fun! And if he happened to be tall and green-eyed with fiery-red corkscrew-curls.... :-D
6) Do you enjoy camping? If it's in a trailer or cabin, yes. Call me a sissy, but I CANNOT live without indoor plumbing. :-P But I do enjoy going places where there are more trees and grass than ugly roads and overcrowded subdivisions, where I can feel close to God and really enjoy His Creation.
7) What are your thoughts (in few as few words as possible) on the subject of war?
I believe that war in general is merely a giant game of chess, played out by innocent pawns (soldiers), while the ones at fault (their leaders) sit back safe and sound while said pawns do their dirty work. Premeditated murder, basically. People who glorify war seem to forget that the people you're shooting are human beings, made in the image of God Almighty, with an immortal soul that will live on after you've killed their body. And for most of them, unfortunately, you'll have sent them to Hell. 
I DO NOT support our country sending young men (and now women, too) into another country to interfere in that country's affairs, possibly never to return to their loved ones, when the other country hasn't even asked for our help.
However, if an enemy invades our country outright and starts attacking and killing our people, then I do believe we should defend ourselves. If another country asks us for aid against an enemy, then I believe we should help them.
8) List 7 things that make you happy =).
~Reading good books
~Listening (or dancing) to Celtic jigs and reels
~Folk-dancing, especially with friends and family--the more, the merrier!
~Pretty frocks*, especially with embroidery
~Finding "kindred spirits" :-D
~Designing pretty wearables

* Frock = Originally an old term for "dress," the word has been expanded to include all types of clothing

9) What are your sentiments on the subject of tea?
Not as therapeutically delicious as cocoa, but nice to sip just before bedtime, or to share with good friends over a plate of sandwiches and Miss Kellie's fabulous shortbread. ;-)
Also very soothing when you have the "creeping crud." :-P
10) What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
*Blush* Surf the 'Net, I'm afraid. Need to get back to my more productive hobbies--knitting, crochet, embroidery, miniatures, art, creative writing--that sort of thing. (Bad Tom!)
11) What's your favorite kind of music?
It depends on my mood, but usually I tend to go for Celtic, folk and Baroque (Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart), with a dash of Medieval/Renaissance or Romantic (Beethovan and the like) now and then. I also enjoy arrangements of old hymns and some movie soundtracks.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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