Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quickie Post

Just a little note to say that, yes, I am still alive, and I do intend to keep blogging. We ended up tearing out the carpet in Peter's room last week, then in my room this week, and that involved Mister Laptop being unplugged for a couple days, and all that work has made Tom too tired to blog.
We found out this past Winter that the people who used to live in this house had cats but didn't bother to train them, and...I think you can connect the dots. *Gag*

Our "catty" living room--March 2012

They replaced the carpets and padding, but didn't bother to do anything about the yucky, smelly floor boards. Ick!
Turns out it was all over the house, at least in all the bedrooms, so we've been painting the subfloors with KILZ and replacing the old padding under the carpets to get rid of the smell. My room was last on the list, and we finished putting the carpet and most of the furniture back in yesterday. PTL!

I have a few special posts planned, so stay tuned--and I really mean it this time. ;-)

Until later, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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