Sunday, October 7, 2012

Outfit: “Scottish Seafoam”

Many thanks to my obliging brother for taking these photos!

~What I'm Wearing~

Shoes: Black Mary-janes (thrifted)
Stockings: Tan sheer hose, George via Wal*Mart
Skirt: Seafoam Tartan (thrifted)
Sweater: Seafoam Ribbed Sweater (thrifted, altered)
Shirt: Seafoam Turtleneck (Kohl's)
Necklace: “Wild Irish Rose (w/Rainbow Moonstone)” (Wild Rose Designs & Laurie Sarah Designs)
Hairstyle: “Swedish” Braids
(I also wore a pair of silver ball-studs with this outfit, but they don't show up at all in the photos. Stinkers. :-P) 
As the days get colder, it's time to pull out the warmer clothes. Of late I've been drawn towards incorporating skirts into my everyday wardrobe—not all the time, mind you; just once in a while for town or special outings or visits. And this Fall I've become quite enamored of the tartan skirt/sweater-set look. Unfortunately, up until recently I had only one tartan skirt (which was too formal for everyday-wear), and some of my turtlenecks had no sweaters to go with them. But of course God knew all about it, and has graciously begun to fill these gaps in my wardrobe. Guess it's more than a silly whim after all, wot? ;-)

This smart little pleated skirt, made of 100% wool in a lovely shade of green that I call seafoam (although some call it teal or turquoise), with a complex pattern of blues, shocking pink, bits of black and bright-red, with a ghostly impression of purple, was a last minute purchase at a local thrift store a few weeks ago. I spotted it while trying on some other things, and on a whim tried it on, too. While the waist is a wee bit loose, it looked so good on me, and blended so well with my seafoam turtleneck, that I bought it! 

Technically the buttons are supposed to be on the side, but I like them better down the front.
As you can see, God also provided—not too long afterwards—a sweater to go with my poor, orphaned T-neck (I'd outgrown my previous sweater three years ago, and I NEVER wear T-necks by themselves. 'Cos I'm weird like that :-P). The sleeves were three inches too long, so I zigzagged them (yes, by machine) at a point where my wrist hit and cut off the excess. I then raveled the cut-off bit and used some of the yarn to crochet a little picot-edging on the sleeves and neck...which unfortunately doesn't show up in the photos.

About the stockings: Looking over the pix from the Springtime Tea, I realized how “heavy” black hose can look, especially with a dark dress and in sunny weather. So I determined to get meself some “nude” or tan ones for the good weather. We found these (under the brandname “George”) at Wal*Mart, and while $4 seems like a lot to pay for one pair of nylons (so saith those two drops of Scotch blood :-P), they're worth every penny. Not only is the color (“Oatmeal”) exactly what I was looking for, but they make me feel so much more put-together of a Sunday. They're more becoming, too! 

My shoes were a thrift store find a couple years ago, and I love them! The narrower toes and low heels give these shoes a slightly more grown-up feel than your typical Mary-janes, and also have a wonderful vintage vibe.
When it gets colder (AAAAAAAHHHH!), I'll be changing out the nylons and MJs for leggings and tall boots.

It strikes me that this isn't the best hairstyle for this outfit, but it was quick and easy. Perhaps I'll do some exp-HAIR-imenting this Fall to see what looks best with sweaters and kilts. ;-)

Once again, y'all get to see Wild Irish Rose in action, this time set with a Rainbow Moonstone. This stone, being mainly white with an iridescent-blue sheen, is very versatile, which is good, as I don't have a green cabochon at present. :-) Eventually I want to get one, but that'll have to wait...while I try to fatten up my poor, starving bank account. :-P

The picture at right shows the crocheted picot-edging on the sweater. It ended up a bit "curlier" than I wanted, so I'll probably redo it...later.

It amazes me how fast the seasons change up here. One week, The Guardians were green and leafy, then suddenly one day the front yard looked like this:

BANG! It's Fall now!
Then this past week the temperatures went from low seventies to fifties and sixties in one day! With lows in the thirties!!!
BANG! It's Winter!
Is it any wonder we're feeling a little wild round hereabouts?
It looks like my knees are touching the ground, but they're actually not--optical delusion!

But at least we have the woodstove now! Major, major blessing, that! The Very Cold Season (which lasts about eight or nine months up here :-P) won't be so miserable now, especially since various people have given us wood. PTL! What's that verse that says, "My God shall supply all your needs"?
And a few things on the Wish List, too, now and then. ;-)

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless, and keep warm!


  1. This outfit is so beautiful! I love it all, but especially the Wild Rose necklace and the picot edging you did. Simply adorable! And though I agree that other hairstyles would look great with this ensemble too, I love the milkmaid braids look with a tartan!


  2. Ooh, I like it! A lot!! Plaid is enough to catch my eye at all times anyway, but such a beautiful seafoam green?! LOVE it!!! Love your whole outfit, actually:)
    I'm so happy it finally got cold enough to pull out the sweaters. I love sweaters so much:)

    Love and blessings,

    P.S. Were we going to try doing a chat again sometime soon? 'Cause I'd like that a lot:)

  3. Thanks, lassies, for your kind comments. :-)

    Kellie--"Milkmaid braids"--I love it!

    Tasha--Yes, do let's chat again soon. It's been too long, Dahling. I'll e-mail you both....

  4. I awarded you! :)


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