Sunday, March 31, 2013

Resurrection Sunday

He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!

The above is a little greeting certain churches we attended in my growing up years used every Resurrection Sunday. :-D

The day dawned warm, clear and sunny—not a cloud in the sky…with temperatures reaching the mid-70s by afternoon! Perfect weather to help celebrate our Risen Lord, and the promise of New Life symbolized by the budding trees and greening-up fields all around us.

Normally, I’ve been wearing sweater-sets and skirts to church, as they’re warm, comfortable and easily changed. But this being a special occasion—and a warm day to boot—I felt like wearing something a little more festive. (Again, thanks to my obliging Bro for these pix!)

~What I’m Wearing~
Shoes: Black 3-strap heels—thrifted
Stockings: Sheer nylons—Wal*Mart
Dress: Lady Violetthrifted
Necklace: “Wild Irish Rose”—Wild Rose Designs and Laurie Sarah Designs (set with Dark Amethyst)
Earrings: Amethyst Eardrops/“Avalon”—Wild Rose Designs
Hairstyle: based on Siobhan’s “Isolde”

I almost put this elegantly-embellished rayon dress in my upcoming Blog Sale (stay tuned!) because I thought the color was too dark on me (it’s actually a very dark purple, but Mister Camera has this habit of turning purple things blue). However, when I came across the dress while photographing stuff for the sale, I suddenly felt like giving it another go. Boy, am I glad! It’s kind of surprising how becoming this color is, if I do say so myself. The button-front makes it easy to slip on, and the soft rayon fabric is really comfortable.

I pinned the top overlaps of the neckline open, like a mini-lapel, to have enough room for my necklace. I plan to remove the top button and install snaps under the “points” to keep them folded out. I like it better this way and think it’s more becoming than the original high round neckline.

My hairstyle is based on Siobhan’s “Isolde” ’do, with a few tweaks, of course. Obviously, I curled my hair last night, since it was a special occasion. Because of the way my lace braids ended up, I essentially tied them together in a knot at the back of my head and kept twisting the loose ends around the bit that wrapped around my head.
Then I pinned the ends under the ridge formed by the lace-braiding in front.

 I ran out of time to do the fishtail braids (which take f-o-r-e-v-e-r), and of hair to do the extra accent braids, so I just did regular 3-strand braids and pinned them in the middle of the wrapped/tied braids. They don’t really show up amongst all those curls, though. Next time, I’ll probably either just curl the ends or do braid-waves.
By now you’re probably used to seeing “Wild Irish Rose” with my outfits, but I wanted to show you my earrings, too. Some of my Birthday money went towards a lot of ten gorgeous amethyst briolettes (teardrops), two of which I used to revamp the ones I wore for the Springtime Tea last May. A thousand apologies for the blurry picture; I didn’t realize it was until I uploaded it! But at least you can see the general shape of the earrings.

 After church and a dinner of slow-cooked ham (our house smelled soooo good during the night!), we popped over to Falls Park to see the waterfall and soak in God’s creation. The weather was perfect, and we had a lovely time sitting on mossy rocks by the river, feeling the sun on our backs and breathing deep draughts of fresh air. Ahhh….

I hadn’t expected there to be any flowers out this early, but we were pleasantly surprised to see these (very short) buttercups, and some purply-pink flowers unfamiliar to us!

Overall, a lovely, relaxing day.

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,


  1. What a pretty outfit!! Dark purple is my favorite color. You did a beautiful job on your hair, too! And the earrings are very cute.

    Waterfalls are amazing. They are one of my favorite scenic features. I wish we lived closer to some.

    Some time ago you mentioned you are writing a fantasy book/series. I've been curious ever since... what kind of fantasy is it? What else is the story about? Or would you rather not talk about it yet?

    1. Thank you! Purple has always been my favorite color, too...especially after I found out that both my birthstone (amethyst) and -flower (violet) are purple!

      About my fantasy series--thanks for asking! I'll try to answer coherently. :-P
      My books are kind of like C.S. Lewis' Narnia--with a dash of Tolkien and a pinch of the Brothers Grimm--in that they involve another world, created by God (or Elyon, as He's referred to in the books), where the Faeries and Centaurs and "other Creatures that are but myth and legend in the World of Men" live. The series is in the development stages as yet--I'm still trying to figure out which stories/characters are viable, so that will affect the order of the books and who's in them. My main focus for them is to illustrate Godly character and values through my characters' lives as they're played out in each story. While some of them are Faeries or Centaurs or Halflings, I don't intend to put a lot of magic in the books, and there will be a definite distinction between good and evil. My goal is to write Faerie-stories that Christians with a liking for fantasy can be comfortable reading.
      Did that make sense?

  2. Your hair is lovely! And that necklace is too pretty!(:

    My church uses the same phrase in greeting! I always enjoy hearing it at Easter-time.(: it looks like you were blessed with lovely weather! Over here it was the nicest it's been all spring--what a wonderful blessing!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  3. I've been behind on my blog reading, I see! Love your last few posts - can't believe I missed them:(
    I adore your hair this length! It's perfect, and looks so good in this style. Looking forward to checking out that Youtube channel.

    Have a wonderful day today!

    1. Thank you, Dahling. :-) It's sooo much easier to care for at this length, and it's really nice to wear it down and not have this hairy curtain all over me, LOL. :-P
      ...and the "Isolde" 'do may or may not be my new favorite way to wear my hair. ;-)

      Thanks for dropping by!


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