Sunday, September 22, 2013

Change in the Wind

You may have noticed, Gentle Readers, that this old blog seems to have transmogrified into a Writing Blog overnight. Part of that was my eagerness to try out Kendra’s brilliant Character Encounters for myself (and thereby get back in practice developing characters and what-not), and helping her celebrate her latest published work.

I’ve debated several times about blogging since starting up The Rambling Rose, and after some hard praying, deep soul-searching and discussions with the family, I’ve come to some conclusions….

I tried to make this a sewing and fashion blog, like some that I admire and enjoy reading. However, I didn’t realize how much time and effort goes into those fabulous posts, with all their in-progress pix and galleries of the finished product and all. Or even just shooting a ready-made outfit, for that matter. The fact is, I don’t have an entourage of willing minions siblings (or even just one) who like nothing better than to take pictures of Big Sister swanning about in her pretty frocks. Peter will snap a few shots if I ask him to, but fashion photography just isn’t his bag, and I respect that.

I also don’t seem able to find the time to upload said photos and edit them to my satisfaction, without it taking all afternoon. I’m really amazed at people like Kellie and Olivia, who have many responsibilities to tend to and family stuff going on all around them, yet always have time to post something meaningful and coherent at least once a week. Guess some of us have it, and some of us don’t. I certainly don’t. (Although Bro recently gave me his spare tripod, and my camera does have a self-timer, so it’s not like I’d never do any sewing/fashion posts…just not all the time.)

(I’m not saying all this to be whiny; I’m just sharing my thought process with you, so you’ll understand what led to my decision.)

And while I’m at it, allow me to ask forgiveness for the many times I’ve promised to post pictures and not followed through. Most of the time, the pix in question were from Grandma and Grandpa’s annual visits, and to be honest, I’d really rather keep my family life off the page. However, there’s nothing to say I couldn’t post a few choice photos from our amazing California trip (once I track down that last memory card…), if anyone’s interested. The sermon today was on keeping our vows, and God convicted me that I’d made y’all a promise, and I need to keep it…unless you think it’d be too boring for words to look at someone else’s vacation photos. :-P

My main goal for starting this blog was—and still is—to share my interests and hobbies with like-minded people, and hopefully honor and glorify God in doing so. That doesn’t have to change, but I think the focus of this blog does in order to keep it from becoming a burden, rather than a fun activity. I really enjoy the Character Encounters, and Kendra’s recent Memorable Worlds posts and Ankulen Blog Party made me realize how much I miss my writing. It’s been one of my strongest passions since I was eight or nine years old, when I penned (or rather, penciled) my very first books, and I really want to get back into the groove, develop my characters and the fascinating world(s) they live in.
So y’all can expect more writing stuff on The Rambling Rose—probably not anything like regularly, but (Lord willing) at least when I have something to share and a bit of free time.

Virtual cookies to those who actually read all that! ;-)

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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  1. I understand how time consuming photo-heavy posts can be (one reason I very rarely post pictures I've taken).

    Cheers on your decision to shift the focus of your blog! I can tell it took much thought and was perhaps not the easiest decision to make.

    I, for one, can hardly wait to hear more about your writing!!!! I've really enjoyed reading your last several writing posts. Although writing is not by any means my ONLY interest in life, it will always be one of my primary interests and I do SO love hearing about other people's writing, especially friends'. :D


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