Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TAGGED! (again)

Kendra is helping out fellow writer and blogger, Kathryn of Hidden Orchards, celebrate the publishing of her first book, Christmas at the Tittletons, by doing this tag and thereby spreading the word about the book. And she very kindly tagged me. :-) So, here we go….
~The Tag~

1.  Please post ALL the rules.

2. Please answer ALL the questions.

3. Comment on this post when you have
completed the tag and include a link to your tag post.

4. Tag five other people.

5. Let the people know that you tagged them.

6. Include a link back to this post.

~The Questions~

1.  What is your favorite Historical Mystery book? I must confess that I haven’t read many mysteries in my time. Watched them, yes. But I have yet to read all the books they’re based on. However, I have read a few, and I think my favorite would have to be the Sherlock Holmes mystery entitled The Valley of Fearalthough it’s been a looooong time since I read it.
2.  Would you rather read a Classic or a Mystery?
*Debates which horn of this dilemma on which to impale herself* Erm, I’m gonna be a copout-copycat and say a classic mystery. :-P
3.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Mystery?
No idea! I only heard about it this past week.

 4.  How do you think Christmas at the Tittletons will compare to your favorite Classic? See above.

5.  Do you think you would like to write a Historical Mystery sometime?
I actually have an idea for a mystery novel in the back of my head—even have a title for it—and a series involving a pair of twin detectives, but I’m not sure either were going to be historical…unless I set them in the 1950s or something. Still working out the details.

I tag:
~Kellie of Accordion to Kellie
~Tasha of Day by Day
…and I can’t think of anyone else who might be interested (who hasn’t already been tagged, that is). So, if I forgot someone and you’re interested, consider yourself tagged! Just remember to post a link to your post on Miss Kathryn’s blog—you’ll earn points towards her giveaway. The prize: A free copy of Christmas at the Tittletons! Have fun!

Now to figure out this month’s Character Encounter….
Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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