Friday, February 28, 2014

Moving On

Moving On
God has done some incredible things in our family, things that will mean big changes, but exciting ones. I’ve alluded to them in my previous post, so now you get to hear The Rest Of The Story™!

But first, I have an announcement to make:

I’m taking an extended vacation from blogging…and I don’t know if I’ll be back.

It was a hard decision, but after ten years of trying, I’ve finally had to admit that I just don’t have the knack for it like some people do…even though I don’t have nearly the family duties and other responsibilities they have. There have even been times where I was so stressed out about it, it affected my health—not a good thing! O.O
As I’ve said before, writing (and proofreading, and editing) blog posts, taking (and uploading, and editing) photos, getting them to line up right on the page—it was more stress than fun. Plus—in the case of my sewing projects and fashion ideas—I never seemed to have the pictures ready when I needed them, or the time to take them in the first place.
To be honest, blogging and surfing the ’Net have taken over the time I could be using to develop my God-given talents and the creative hobbies He’s put in my life. So with His help, I intend to discipline myself as regards my computer time, get serious about my abilities and actually do something with my life. I’ve given myself permission to enjoy His gifts for what they are—telling myself they’re no less “real” if I don’t blog about them—and not worry if no one ever sees them. :-P If anyone wants to know what I’m up to, they can feel free to shoot me an e-mail at tomwildrose[at]gmail[dot]com. I’ll happily answer e-mails. :-)
I really feel like I need to simplify, organize and de-stress my life right now, and that this is the way to do it—or at least begin to.

But I didn’t want to drop off the face of the Blogosphere without saying goodbye and letting y’all know what’s going on at my end.

Which brings me to a happier bit of news:

When we drove back up from our California trip last Summer (jokingly dubbed our “Quest for the Sun”), we passed through a portion of Southern Oregon full of rolling meadows, live-oak trees and a generally rural feeling. It reminded me of the outskirts of Auburn and Roseville, California, where I recalled they don’t get snow. It seemed logical to assume that this place didn’t, either, and I found myself wishing we could move there. And that impression stayed with me all Summer and Fall.
I should mention here that when we left for our vacation, it was overcast and cold—we were still in long sleeves and extra layers—in June! There have been times when we sat watching the 4th of July fireworks in coats and hats, bundled up in blankets—craziness! The snow and ice also make it difficult—if not downright impossible—to get around in the Winter. Both Mom and I have suffered bad falls on the ice, and it’s left its mark on us. I think if we’d realized just how fierce the Winters are up here, and how long it takes for the place to thaw out, and really how short the good weather is, we might not have moved here at all.  
That said, our time in Idaho has been a Very Good Thing, on the whole. It was good to get away from the high cost of living (read: existence) in California, away from the unhealthy, mold-infested, falling-down-around-our-ears old house we had down there, away from some rather toxic family relationships (which, Im happy to report, have healed over the years since then). It was good to start fresh, and by God’s grace own our own home and be debt-free for the first time in I don’t know how many years. I thank Him so much for the people at Rathdrum Bible Church, who have shown us that true Christian love does exist in this day-and-age and revived our faith in our fellow believers. We have also received some excellent teaching and deep doctrine there—doctrine that has begun to allay some of my own spiritual insecurities. Overall, our time in North Idaho has been one of blessing, a time for us to heal from the horrors we endured in California, and of course the adjustment time after Dad died.
Still, the thought of living somewhere where the Winters were milder, and the Summers were longer, really appealed to me after that drive through

Fast-forward to the Sunday before Christmas. Peter had picked up a real estate magazine the day before—he likes to look at the architecture—and before we knew it, we all started talking about moving, and we discovered we’d all been feeling the same about North Idaho and that it was time to move closer to our elderly relatives. Peter also said he felt strongly that Mom should be in a home that she and I can take care of ourselves without it being a burden, in a climate that will allow us to get around and go places without fear of being caught in the snow or slipping on the ice. He wanted to be sure Mom would be well provided for and safe so that, when his schooling calls for him having to board out of town during the week, and (looking further down the road) he either gets a job out of town or out of state, or even has a home and family of his own…well, he wanted to know she’d be able to manage without him eventually. Or words to that effect. Wow. Can I just say how proud I am of my brother? :-D
 It was all very exciting and encouraging to find out I wasn’t the only one wanting to move, and that we were all of one mind about it. Totally a God-thing!
Then we stayed up till after eleven talking some more. One other thing that stands out in my mind is a comment Peter made that, we need to stop just existing; it’s time to start thriving.” Amen!

Over the next several weeks, the more we talked about moving, the more we researched the Grants Pass area, and of course prayed over the whole situation, the stronger we felt that this was where God was leading us. And it was so neat to see how our news blessed our various family members. Grandma and Grandpa were so excited at the though of our being only five or six hours away, instead of fifteen to eighteen, and the possibility of our visiting them in the Summer or even for Christmas, perhaps. Aunt Betty and Cousin Brenda were already thinking of fun things we could meet up to do together…and then God put it on their hearts to move up with us! We all grew up together and have missed seeing each other since our move to Idaho, so we’re really looking forward to spending holidays and birthdays with family again.
It’s been an amazing journey; one in which God is drawing us closer to our family, working in all our lives and teaching us valuable lessons along the way. It’s been incredible to watch His plans unfold (though sometimes frustrating in the in-between times). God is slowly helping each of us to trust His wisdom, to give our fears, our frustrations, and our hopes and dreams for the future, to Him and leave them in His hands.
And our journey isn’t over yet!

So now I leave you with this verse from Jeremiah, which is so appropriate for what God is doing in our family:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future….” Jeremiah 29: 11 (NIV)

Well, now the Peanut Gallery and the Characters featured on this blog want to say goodbye, too (and no, Gremlin, you absolutely MAY NOT have the keyboard! I don’t want you spoiling this nice little farewell party):

The Pixie
Bye-bye! *Waves* Blessings upon you! *Dances*

Bramblerose Cottonwool
Goodbye, everyone!
Tempest Thunderhoof
Elyon be with you, O friends and acquaintances of our Author.
Donald James Ciaran McSpadden ("Jamie" or "Ciaran"
to his friends)

Slán, folks! May God hold ye in the palm of His hand, as the old sayin’ goes.
(An’ just for the record, Tom-lass verra graciously got that hideous dragon tattoo off me back an’ gave me a decent past. Ye’ve no idea what a reflief that is—och, but here I am, jabberin’ on where there’s others wantin’ to say goodbye. Forgive me.)

(Forgiven. I just wish I could have made a better picture of you, me lad.)
*EDIT 2/12/15* Toned down the eye-color in PaintShop. Wow! what a difference! /EDIT

[Huckle] >Waves< So long, friends of our Author! I hope I didn’t scare any of you! >BigGiantAir-hugs<

Ciára Littlefoot

Goodbye! And—may Elyon bless you all.

[Pádma] Oh, very well, I shall say goodbye also. Goodbye! (Are you satisfied?)

MINIATURE DOLL Shoulder Head Doll Bisque Handpainted Features Blue Eyes Brown Hair Mature Man From MOJEART
Gilbert Sherwyn (imagine a "Robin Hood"
costume on this poor fellow....)
 Farewell. It was good to meet you, if only briefly.
Maxwell Donald McAdams
Um—is it my turn now? OK, ’bye, all!
Elsa Lightfoot
*Elven salute* Elyon be with you. Perhaps we shall meet again when our Author writes our histories!

[Cledwyn] May the Creator protect you wherever you fare, and may your fire never die out.
Thomasina Rose Blondel
Wild Rose LeBlonde
("Tom" to her friends)
Farewell wherever you fare, Gentle Readers, and God bless,
R.R. Goodwill,
The "Author" of all these
crazy Characters...and more!


  1. Goodness, what a lot of praying and thinking you all have been doing! I have to say, the North Idaho weather isn't for everyone, and it didn't seem like a very good fit for you guys. I'm so glad that you'll be closer to your family!!
    So, when are you guys going to be moving? We need to have a get together before you do! :)

    1. Yes, and continuing to bathe the whole Adventure in prayer! God is definitely teaching us to rely on Him....

      Haha--yes, our ancestors may have originally come from the frozen, sunless North (how d'ya think we "Pale-skins" got so pale?), but apparently something happened along the line through the centuries that has made our family singularly intolerant to the cold. :-P Even Peter has taken to bundling up like an Eskimo--my brother who used to be just fine in a flannel shirt, no hat and bare the snow!!! So yeah, definitely time to move to a warmer climate.

      We're aiming for the last week of May or the first week of June (so we can enjoy the Summer before Peter goes to school in Grants Pass)--Lord willing we can sell our house and find one down there!

      A get-together would be lovely...once the snow melts. :-P

  2. *sniff* I shall miss your posts!!! But, I fully understand your choice, and support it

    Thank God for email, though. :D

  3. Blogging is a strange creature indeed, especially when one is trying to do it for an audience, so to speak. I'm glad to hear that you're pursuing things that are more productive and fulfilling for you. I wish you the best and I know I'll hear more from you at some point. And it will be a lot easier to visit if you're only one state away instead of two!

    1. Hark! Bold Robin steps out from the green shades of Sherwood to visit my little corner of the Blogosphere...just as I'm leaving it. :-P

      Play-acting aside, thanks for the encouraging words. It's good to hear from old friends. :-)

      QUOTE: "And it will be a lot easier to visit if you're only one state away instead of two!"

      Indeed! :-D

      God bless, and thanks fro dropping by!


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