Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Popping back into the Blogosphere to wish each and every one of my Gentle Readers a very Merry Christmas!
And just for fun, I leave you with a little tag/quiz/questionnaire-thing I snagged off Kendra’s blog. *Wicked grin*

1.  What's your favorite part about Christmas?

Decorations and listening to Christmas CDs. Each of our decorations has a special story that brings back happy memories, and Christmas music (when done right—which most of our CDs do on the whole) just makes it cheerier!
2.  Does your family have any special Christmas traditions?  If so, which is your favorite?

Yes, we have several fun little traditions—a few of which we’re reviving this year, now that we’re back within driving distance of my aunt and cousin. I think my favorite has to be “light-riding,” though. That’s where we drive around town ogling the pretty lights and fantastic decorations people have put up. It’s especially fun this year because the main street in Grants Pass is all decked out with lights, musical “Christmas cards” (electronic murals that light up at night) and giant nutcrackers. 

This one's my favorite 'cos his jacket is PURPLE! :-D

There’s a huge Christmas tree in the middle of town, and they even put a Nativity on the roof of the visitors’ center!

Another is singing “Silent Night” with all the lights off save the ones on the tree—er, garland—or the candles during our church’s Christmas Eve service. *Sigh*
3.  Everyone knows that music is best part of Christmas.  What's your favorite Christmas carol?
Aw, just one? Hmmm….It’s pretty evenly tied between “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” “Now Is Born The Divine Christ Child,” “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”and “O Come, All Ye Faithful.” C’mon, ya can’t pick just one! ;-)
4.  What's your favorite Christmas song (i.e. non-sacred carol)?
Again, it’s a tie: Either “Holly Jolly Christmas,” “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire,” “Most Wonderful Time Of The Year,” or “Silver Bells.”
5.  What's your favorite Christmas story or novel?
My grandma gave me Annika’s Secret Wish for Christmas one year, and I fell in love with the beautiful illustrations and the touching story.
6.  What's your favorite Christmas cookie?
Gumdrop! (Recipe coming soon!)
7.  Do you shop at Christmastime?  Where's your favorite place to do Christmas shopping?
Usually the local health food store, to pick up tasty stocking-stuffers for Mom. :-D
8.  What's your favorite Christmas treat?
Besides cookies, you mean? ;-) Hot cocoa with real cream and special flavorings added to it (I like coconut and caramel best).
9.  Do you watch Christmas movies?  What's your favorite one?
That’s another family tradition—our annual “Scrooge-a-thon”! Each year, we watch at least one version of A Christmas Carol each week in December, with other classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and Jonathan Toomey added to the mix. It’d be hard to pick a favorite, though, ’cos they’re all so different.
10.  We all know how much fun setting up the Christmas tree can be.  Of course, there are always those ornaments that you made in first grade that you would rather forget but they go on the tree anyway.  Do you have a favorite ornament?  What's the story behind it?
One that comes to mind is the one we got my computer-geeky dad many, many years ago. It’s a little boy writing a letter to Santa…on his computer!

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless you all, and may He grant you a Happy New Year full of exciting possibilities, accomplished goals…and realized dreams!



  1. Giant purple Nutcrackers? Can I come visit you next Christmas?

    1. ABSOLUTELY!!! :-D

      No, seriously--it'd be so cool if you could pay us a visit (and any of my "cyber-friends," for that matter)!


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