Friday, June 19, 2015

Cover Reveal—Water Princess, Fire Prince

My fellow scribbler, Miss Kendra E. Ardnek, is getting ready to publish the first of her Rizkaland Legends in August! *Confetti*

Book Description:
When the Lady Dragon does come,
Hold fast, do not fear, do not run.
Your Water Princess will fight,
Fire Prince will set all to right.
Each shall come from a Fall,
Their union will save you all.

Despite the fact that she's on track for competing in the Olympics, and he's practically raised his younger brothers since they lost their mom in a car accident, Clara Mandras and Andrew Stevenson are pretty much normal teens. They have normal hopes, normal dreams, and they live in a normal world.
All this is torn away from them when they are thrust into another world and declared Water Princess and Fire Prince. With no experience ruling a country, meeting each other for the first time, and being expected to fight the Lady Dragon – an evil sorceress plaguing the world of Rizkaland – Clara and Andrew are underprepared and inexperienced. Unless they learn to work together despite their standing opposition, Rizkaland's hope will be lost.

What is to come will change their lives forever.

Author Bio:

Kendra E. Ardnek loves fairy tales and twisting them in new and exciting ways.  She's been practicing her skills on her dozen plus cousins and siblings for years, "Finish your story, Kendra", is frequently heard at family gatherings.  Her sole life goal has always been to grow up and be an author of fantasy and children's tales that also glorify God and his Word. You can read more about her on her blog,

Available for kindle preorder:  $2.99 the 19th and 20th ONLY (at which point I’ll put it up to its official price of 3.99)

I must admit to being really excited to visit this world, after pouring over Kendra’s Pinterest board all these months. And having read Kendra’s blog posts about the protagonists in WP,FP, I’m really looking forward to meeting them and reading their whole story (OK, OK, I’ll admit she had me hooked when I found out Andrew—the “Fire Prince”—is a redhead :-P).
But enough rambling. Here’s the loverly cover art:

A simple design, but none the less intriguing. There’s something about polar opposites—and Fire and Water in particular—learning to work together that has a special attraction. Who are these people, and exactly how are they “Water Princess” and Fire Prince”? Do they possess special powers…or is it something beyond that? How will their union save an entire world? I’m probably not the only one eager to read the book and find out!
And just for fun, here’s the interview I did with the principle characters, Clara and Andrew, as well as the author herself:

(Kendra) Hi Tom WildRose!
I'd like to thank you for graciously allowing me over to your blog on June 19th for this cover reveal - my biggest reveal yet!
Thank you, Kendra, for letting me be a part of this cover reveal!

Andrew—I hear you're the cook in your family. What's one of your favorite dishes to make--your specialty, if you will?
Veggie Pizza, but don't tell my brothers that it's veggie, because then they might stop eating it. With three growing boys to feed - well, four, if you count myself - I've become quite adept at hiding healthy food to make it seem not so healthy.

Don’t worry, my lips are sealed. And hats off to you for taking the time to make healthy meals and make them taste good.

Clara—Besides swimming and martial arts, do you have any other hobbies? Knitting/crochet? Painting? Sculpting? Gardening? (I guess what I'm really asking—out of curiosity, mind, so please don't take this wrong—is, do you have any more feminine interests?)
Feminine interests, hmm ... well it's more of a culture thing, whether or not something is feminine or masculine. But, I suppose the most feminine activity I do is dance, maybe gymnastics. Truth is, I'm an active person, don't like to be still, do like to push my physical limits, and I'm all thumbs when it comes to most handcrafts, and I live in the city where gardening is impractical. I do a lot of reading, mostly classics, if you'll count that.

*Sheepish* That’s true—the things I mentioned could be done by either gender. (And I’m reminded that there was a time when knitting was done mainly by men and considered unladylike!)

Kendra—I notice you like to pair up people who are pretty much polar opposites (and what could be more opposite than Fire and Water?). Are there any couples in this series (or your other writing in general) who have similar personalities?
Of all my couples, I think Rosamond and Robert of Bookania are my only "like attracts like" couple that I've developed (there may be more, but I haven't worked with them sufficiently to know). Truth be known, I like a blend of both philosophies, but you have to admit that opposites-attract couples make for a lot of conflict.

Very true; and part of the fun is how they find out how their differences can actually benefit one another. I’m eager to see how you do it with Clara and Andrew!

What about you, Gentle Readers? Are you looking forward to reading Kendra’s Rizkaland Legends? Have you seen her fabulous storyboard? Which character(s) is/are you looking forward to meeting?

God bless,


  1. Thanks for participating in the reveal!

    Yeah, gender-norms are a great deal culture-related. Do you know, that in traditional Hawaii, men did the cooking. Ah, research.

    Clara's not as excited about Andrew being a redhead, but shush. He's a sweetheart.

  2. Andrew, excellent skill to have - hiding healthy foods in unhealthy-sounding ones.

    And gender-norms... let me guess... Clara didn't play with dolls?


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