Monday, June 8, 2015

Quote Queste (June Edition) ~Prince Nácil~

By God’s grace, I actually had some free time for once, so I whipped up this month’s Quote Queste entry! This month’s Quote is:

 I don’t know if I’ll actually use this scene in my current WIP, Prince Nácil, but it kinda fits the mood of the book, and Nácil’s character in particular.

* * *
Nácil Vituódhtrán, Crown Prince of the Faeries
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 “They used to shout my name,” he murmured, “greeting me with joyous smiles. Our people loved their Royal Family…but now….” He sighed. “After all these years—after all that has happened in Ýdära—I cannot help but wonder if there are any left who even remember the House of Othniel.”
     “Many, your Majesty,” Lady Müriel assured him. “There are few of our people who do not hate and fear Iceheart for what she has done to Arboria—and to yourself. They dare not so much as speak your name aloud, but they do whisper it…with hope.”
Reminds me of Müriel
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     He turned his head, frowning in puzzlement at her. “Hope?” he echoed. “How can my name give our people hope?”
     She looked him straight in the eye, her own eyes shining, her voice firm, yet gentle. “They live in hope, Sire, that you will return, and defeat Iceheart, and reclaim the throne.”
     He exhaled heavily and nodded solemnly. “It would appear that Elyon has sent me here to do just that…or to die in the attempt,” he intoned, adding under his breath, “which is more likely at this point.”

* * *

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