Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Go for the Goals!

A belated Happy New Year to all my Gentle Readers! Now that the Christmas busyness has settled down, it’s time to look ahead to the coming year and prayerfully set some goals. Below is a list of things I really want to accomplish this year, God willing. Things I need to get done, for my own peace of mind, and because these are the tasks God has given me to do. Feel free to “bug” me from time to time if you’re so inclined—I need all the motivation I can get!
So then, The List™:

Writing Goals:

·        Finish first draft of Prince Nácil. This will be the official first book of the House of Othniel series (the “Main Series”) in my Ýdára multiverse (more on that later). My inspiration for this book kinda dried up, but I’m determined, with God’s help, to see it through. I was really starting to connect with Victor, Little Jane Foster, and Lady Müriel, and finding out some things about the secondary characters that I think fleshes them out nicely, so I definitely want to keep at it.
BTW, if anyone is interested in beta-reading (editor wannabes/grammar Nazis welcome, too!), shoot me an e-mail (tomwildrose[at]gmail[dot]com), and I’ll send you the “coherent bits” to look over. :-D
·        Plot out the Main Series. These books will continue the adventures and character development of Jane, Prince Nácil and their friends, and also establish the presence of Adam’s Race (Humans) in the heretofore Faerie-world of Ýdára (which will set the stage for the “spin-off” series or story-arcs). Not sure how many books will be in the House of Othniel series, as I don’t really know where it ends (or even what-all happens after a certain point).
·        Organize/finalize other series/story-arcs, including dramatus personae. These are stories that will take place several years (if not decades or centuries) after the Main Series, and are therefore not strictly connected to it (although Prince Nácil, Lady Müriel, and maybe a few other Elven/long-lived Characters will pop in now and then) I think I pretty much know what stories I want to tell, and who should be in them, but there are a few Characters who need to gel in my mind still, and some events and what-not that need sorting out. Fun stuff, world-building.
·        Read/re-read snippets from fellow “scribblers” and send feedback. A couple cyber-friends were good enough to send me bits of their writing, and it’s high time I kept my promise to give my opinion (and some suggestions/ideas, if they want).
·        Write review for Water Princess, Fire Prince. Yes, Gentle Readers, I have finally been able to read the long-awaited first book in Kendra’s Rizkaland Legends! Wa-hoo! Wow. I hoped to write a review during her Blog Party last week…but then my cousins from California decided to visit us that same week and…yeah. So I intend to get that done before too long. (If you haven’t yet read it, I suggest you do so. Only be warned—it’ll leave you wanting to know more about Rizkaland, and then you’ll realize that Kendra is still working on the sequel, and…./FANGIRL)
·        Host a Blog Party for my Imaginary Worlds. I’ve mentioned my Characters now and then (mainly in Character Encounters and Quote Questes), but never really said much else about them or where they live or anything. I’d really like to throw a week-long party and share a glimpse of my imaginary worlds (yes, there are more than one), like Kendra did a while back. Reading about her writing—learning about character development and world-building—really whetted my appetite to visit these fascinating worlds she’d created and the interesting people who inhabit them. It helped me visualize them better and understand the characters prior to reading their stories, and it also helped me get back into my own writing again (however slowly and sporadically). My hope is that, by doing something similar on my blog, I can help my future readers see how my own little worlds look and work, and hopefully get them interested in knowing my Characters’ stories.
…and that sounded way better in my head….

Sewing and Crafty Goals:
·        SEW ALL THE THINGS!!! I’m determined, with God’s help, to whittle down that ginormous pile of sewing and alterations to things I really like, that look good on me, and are appropriate for my lifestyle and personality (no costume-wannabes for this plain country spinster, thank you…even though it’d be soooo cool to have a Rapunzel-inspired frock and perhaps a Snow Queen costume…but we must be realistic here). It’s high time, the Lord has shown me of late, that I started being content with the “normal” clothes He’s provided, and stop trying to be a character from my favorite works of fiction (even my own). That doesn’t mean my Real World garb will be boring—oh no! Several projects involve one of my favorite hobbies: EMBROIDERY!!! :-D
·        Design/make jewelry to match outfits. Once (Lord willing) I get my sewing projects done, I’ll know what shinies to make to go with them. (Making jewelry for myself—what a concept. :-P) Don’t need much, since I don’t wear jewelry on a regular basis, but it’d be nice to have a good variety of things that compliment my outfits.
·        Post new Etsy listings regularly. I’m in the process of getting my Etsy store back up and running and have lots of new inventory to offer. My plan (again, Lord willing) is to list a couple things each day as I’m able, until I run out (and by then the first listings will probably be expired, so I’ll get to re-list them, LOL).
·        Finish knitting and crochet WIPs. At present, I have five little crocheted bears nearly ready to finish up (one for each of a church-friend’s four kids, plus one for Baby, who is due in February), one mostly-complete knitted teddy bear (my new mascot, christened Bearington, who just needs arms), and the beginnings of a crocheted afghan.
·        Knit some ear-warmers. These are like wide headbands with ties, which look like they’ll be good for wearing with my hair down and be bang-friendly (hard to find in most headgear). I may add a knitted “Pixie-bonnet” (lined with fleece) to the list if I have time, as I need something for really cold weather (which is thankfully very little in Southern Oregon).

Other Goals:
·        Stay on schedule. Mom helped me make out a schedule for my activities and hobbies (which will include blogging, if possible), but I am notorious for getting off-track, especially when certain activities get disrupted. I pray that I can be more diligent from now on.
·        Get E-Sword on my computer. After hearing how handy this is for looking up cross-references, original Greek/Hebrew roots, etc., I really want to give this a try. Hopefully that will add some meaning to my Bible study time.
·        Stay on schedule.
·        Redecorate my room. I’m so grateful for my current bedroom, as it’s at least a third larger than that cracker-box I had in Idaho, and the built-in closets/cupboards and drawers are a big plus. However, my pretty French Provincial-style furniture is just too grand—imposing, even—for this size of room, and the place feels crowded. So I’m hoping to sell it (Lord willing) and put the money towards some scaled-down pieces that I can eventually tole-paint. I’m also planning to install another shelf/cupboard above my main closet (the space is there; we just have to put up a shelf and remove the paneling) for more storage. Eventually I want to repaint the walls (probably lavender), hang some curtains/swags to soften the windows a bit, and put up my prism collection. I miss my prisms…. But that’ll probably be next year’s project.
·        Stay on schedule.
·        Exercise more. I’m not fat by any means, God be praised, but since most of my activities require sitting still for hours on end, I’m feeling a little flabby. I’m determined to get up and move more often—even just taking a turn around the driveway—and firm up the old muscles a little.
·        Did I mention staying on schedule?

Those are the main goals. Obviously, some are short-term (it better not take me all year to review WPFP and send feedback!!!), whereas things like sewing will probably be year-long projects (but hopefully only ONE year). As with anything, these goals are in God’s hands, and I know He will help me to accomplish the ones He wants me to do.
Anyroad, thank you for stopping by, and best wishes with your own goals for 2016!

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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