Saturday, June 11, 2016

Class of 2016

Today, my "baby brother" graduated from Rogue Community College.
Pictured with his Outstanding Student Award
('cos he didn't have his diploma yet when we took the pic)

It has been a long, grueling three years since he took that big step and made the decision to earn his AA, but God has been faithful to uphold him (even when being run through the meat-grinder that was that first year at North Idaho College--OY!), and He has brought him to this point.

 The college presented him with their Outstanding Student Award this Spring for his nearly-perfect 4.0 grade average and good attitude and work ethic. And considering his Electronic Engineering professor has only had nine students with that GPA since the 1990s till now...oops, there go my buttons again.... :-D

Congratulations, Peter! Mom and I are so proud of you!

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