Sunday, July 24, 2016

Character Interview ~Agatha~

Today marks the first day of Kendra’s Bookania Blog Party! *Confetti* This party is doubly special, as it not only celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Bookania Quests being published, but also Kendra’ seventh year of blogging. Congratulations, Anka Kendra! May God grant you many more years of writing and blogging, and may they be productive and fulfilling. :-D
To help celebrate, Kendra has given me the honor of having one of her Characters over for a little interview. I chose Agatha because she seems to get (unintentionally, I’m sure) pushed to the background, and thought it’d be nice to let her have the spotlight for a bit.
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Hello, Agatha, and welcome to the Rambling Rose! Have a seat and a cup of tea or cocoa, and relax. Oh, yes, some of my imaginary friends made you this basket to catch all the gems you’ll be dropping during this interview. They’re thoughtful like that. :-) So let’s get started....

1.) I’ve heard that when you say your own name, an agate-stone drops from your mouth. Just out of curiosity, what gem appears when you speak of Princess Robin?
Usually a ruby.

2.) Tell us a little about your family and your childhood.
My father died when I was a baby. I lived with my mother and twin sister, who hated me because I was the pretty one. They made me do all of the work until Yifinna blessed me and cursed my sister. Then they banished me from my our home.
Oh, ouch. *Sympathetic half-smile*

3.) Have you any hobbies or other activities you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I actually do enjoy cleaning and cooking.

4.) What are some of your goals in life, and how has your “gift” affected them?
I’ve never wanted anything more than a simple life. To marry a man I love, have my own home and family. I’m afraid that a simple life is no longer an option ... but love ... *glances down with a blush, staring at the jewels in her bowl.*
 *Hides a smile* True love will have its way. When the time is right, the Author will bring just the right man into your life.
But I digress....

5.) Will you be joining Princess Robin & Co. on any new adventures?
I don’t know. Kendra says that I’ll have a role in book 5, but beyond that, she’s not entirely certain.
Thank you for having me over to your blog. I’ll let you keep these jewels. Kendra says that they won’t work in your own world, but your characters could make use of them.

You’re very welcome, Agatha, and thank you! I’m sure Anton will appreciate your generous gift, being a jeweler and all.

Certainly, certainly! Especially that lovely blue-green sapphire the same color as the eyes of a certain Nóska queen who’s stolen my heart….<3 :-D

-_- Anton.

(OK, you two, enough. This isn’t your show, after all.)

 Several of Kendra’s books are FREE during the Party, so if you have a Kindle (or similar magical pocket-library device), grab them while you can! Here’s a list of what books are free on what dates:

Sew, It’s a QuestJuly 24th-28th

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Tears, Frogs and LaughterJuly 30th-August 3rd
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Be sure to visit Kendra’s blog and check out the other Character Interviews and other fun what-nots she has in store!

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
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  1. It was nice to learn more about you, Agatha. You have a very unique (and amazing) gift that I can never imagine having.

  2. Nice.
    I wonder where the idea of jewels dropping from people's mouths comes from. I've got a sort of idea that there a Bible verse but I can't recall it. I expect it's in Proverbs.

    1. It's from a fairy tale called "Toads and Diamonds," which I incorporated essentially intact into Bookania. There's actually a whole genre of fairy tales after this theme, each one weirder than the one before.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel." ~Proverbs 20:15

      Perhaps that's what you were thinking of?


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