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Day Two of Kendra’s Blogging and Bookania Blog Party (just barely, in my time zone, that is), and today we’re going to play a favorite game of mine—tag!

PartyPartyParty! *BoingBoingBoing!*

Erm, yes. The Pixie is a bit exited, can you tell? :-P

Shall we begin? We shall….

1. How long have you been blogging and why did you start? I began my blogging career around 2004-ish, on a blogging host site called Xanga. Many of my “cyber-friends” from the message board we frequented at the time had their own blogs, and it seemed like a good way to keep in contact with my friends (till they all reached that magical age of eighteen and got eaten by the College Monster, that is…). It also seemed like a good way to share some of my hobbies, such as costume research and crafty bits.
2. How long have you been following my blog and how did you find me? How long? I’m gonna say two years…maybe three. I know it hasn’t been the whole five years. As to how I found Kendra’s blog…I honestly can’t remember now. Might have been through Miss Melody, might have been through Character Encounters or Fairy Tale Commentaries…not sure. It’s been a blessing, as the CEs helped motivate me to get back into my writing after a long slump. Plus Kendra’s just a fun person to follow. ;-)
3. Which of the books on my
WIP list sound the most interesting to you? They all sound interesting in one way or another, but the ones I’m most looking forward to are:
~Mermaid Footprints. Because I enjoyed visiting Jen’s Imagination in The Ankulen, so seeing more of it will be a treat. Plus the title immediately gets one’s attention.
~The New Division. The dual-mooned world of Coluna sounds intriguing, especially the two “tribes” (if you will) of Elves, and the fact that all the foliage and grass and stuff is red or pink.
~Infiltration. Because, IMHO, the world needs more stories about Hobbits.
—Erm, excuse me, I *mean* Elvings. *Halo*

~Half-hidden. The world-building Kendra has hinted at is fascinating (Dragons who take on Human form when they die? Tell me more…), plus she’s as much as said this is the world of Megan’s dad, mentioned in The Ankulen. Curiosity piqued; awaiting enlightenment….
HaV Academy. ’Cos I’m curious to see how Kendra gives Roxanne/ROCKS the happy ending she (Roxanne) doesn’t think she deserves, and how she (Kendra) resolves the whole “play the game or die” issue.
~The Nutcracker’s Son. Because I’m a bit of a Nutcracker fan myself (it has a special traditional place in my family).
~Sing, Aling. A science-fiction/fantasy retelling of Peter Pan? Intriguing. Especially since (I think…?) Kendra mentioned that the Peter and Wendy characters are married in this story. *Ships it*
~The Worth of a King. For some reason, I’m already attached to Kendra’s and Jack’s characters and want to find out what happens to them…although I have a bad feeling about the fate of one of them…but hopefully I’m wrong….
~Fire And Song. Another “villain” story where it’ll be interesting to see how Kendra resolves it all. Plus I love the idea of people taking on bird form according to their abilities (?), and some of them representing the Elements. So cool (or in this case, hot).
~The Eternal Queen. Love the concept here—a queen disappears every fifty years, then reappears as a young girl.
~Trilogy of Secrets. I want to find out how Colinda gets her memories back!
~Trilogy of One. Just the title is intriguing. And the name of the world it features: Land of the Fallen Rainbow. And the fact that Kendra is adopting her mother’s unfinished story.
And the next installments of Bookania and Rizkaland, of course. :-)
4. What are three of your favorite fairy tales? Just off the top of my head: Snow White and Rose Red, The Twin Brothers, and The Enchanted Fawn. Mainly because they’re not as well known as some other fairytales, and because they feature siblings who actually love each other.
5. What is the strangest fairy tale you've ever read? Ach, I’ve read several oddballs, but I think The Juniper Tree is near the top of the list of strangest tales ever. Creepy, too. *Shudder*
6. What are some things that you're looking forward to/hope will happen in future Bookania Quests? I’d like to see Snow White and Rose Red make an appearance. :-D Plus I’m still waiting for Prince Eric to find his lost brother Lukas.
7. Recommend a book for me to read. (You can check my Goodreads shelf to see what I've already read/my interests) Give Alexander Lloyd’s The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen a go. It’s set in a fantasy version of ancient China and features everything needed for an epic expanded fairytale: A prince, a collection of unlikely companions, a spunky heroine, and several mysterious gifts. And a journey, of course…but not the one Jen thinks he’s going on….
*EDIT* OhOhOH! Forgot to mention the best part: There's a tiger in this story...who's actually one of the Good Guys! A fictional rarity, in my experience. Go read it!!! :-D
8. What, to you, are the essential elements of a good story? If it’s a Christian book, the content must be God-honoring, of course. That means different things to different people, but for me, it means weaving in His Truth amid the fiction. Also important are coherent plot, characters the reader can identify with and root for, balance between conflict and resolution, humor and sorrow, romance and seriousness. And a clear definition between good and evil, if it’s that kind of story.
9. What is your favorite fairy tale retelling, whether film or book, and why? Just off the top of my head (again), I’ll go with the Cannon MovieTale version of Puss in Boots. OK, so it’s a bit goofy at times, and the acting is a bit awkward, but overall, it’s really cute and good clean fun. They took a few liberties, but it really fleshed out the characters and the stories nicely. My favorite part is that Puss takes on Human form at need, which is not only a lot less cheesy than a guy in a fur suit, but adds another layer of depth. And Christopher Walken totally steals the show. :-))
10. Tell me about a project (preferably a book, but I'll understand if you're not a writer), that you're incredibly excited about. I’m currently having fun writing various snippets for my Heirs of Dunsmüir saga/story arc (part of my Ýdára multiverse). Figuring out Jason Windrider’s dragonish education and what that entails; weaving in a previously unrelated character and tinkering with her backstory; researching ENFP and INTJ personalities for Anton and Isabella, respectively; trying to decide if I need to “type” Ember MacTavish or just continue with her cheerfully overconfident, somewhat bossy but well-meaning tomboyishness. Learning some surprising things about Anton’s heritage and figuring out how they affect the rest of the story. Finally finding a suitable name for Tom/Fiona Godwynn’s plush bear. Debating whether to include an epic “Wizard’s Battle” at the climax…or do something more subtle, slightly comical, and decidedly less violent.
Fun, fun, fun! I really love these characters (especially Anton, not gonna lie :-D…though Ciaran/Jamie will always be my first love <3); they’ve risen to the top of my Favorites list, and I’m really looking forward to telling their stories coherently. ;-)

Keep popping in on Kendra’s blog, as this Party has only just begun! Check out other people’s answers to this tag, read the many Character Interviews, and let’s keep the party going!!!

Until next time, Gentle Readers,
God bless,

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  1. That was quite fun to read! I always love fairy tale questions!! :)



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