Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Christmas Prayer

Life is busy. So often the dull, mundane, grown-up things pile up, leaving us no time or energy for what's really blogging and keeping in contact with friends. December is especially busy, with parties and church activities and other fun what-nots, and of course Christmas shopping for loves ones. But as Christians, we need to take time to be still, to remember the Reason we celebrate this special Season, and give thanks to God for making a way for us to be with Him forever.
And so, Gentle Readers, I leave you with this delightful poem, written by my mother many years ago, that beautifully illustrates this mindset. Enjoy!

At this lovely time of year
When festive is our way,
Help us remember You, Dear Lord,
And what took place this day.

When carols gay fill all the air,
May we sing of Your birth
And thank the Father up above
Who sent You to this earth.

Praise to the Father and the Son
Who came down on this day;
A Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes
With no bed but the hay.

When we see lights twinkling so bright
Upon the Christmas tree,
Help us remember that one star
That shone so bright for Thee,

To guide the wise men from afar
And shepherds in the fields.
May we allow Your Light to shine,
In us Your love reveal.

And thought the tree is pretty now,
It soon will fade and die,
Reminding us of that harsh cross
You hung on in the sky.

And when we wrap each special gift
For loved ones young and old,
Help us remember frankincense,
The sweet myrrh, and the gold.

And yes, the greatest Gift of all—
The Gift of love You gave,
To live and grow in all our hearts,
Our sinful souls to save.

Please help us keep You in our lives
As we go on our way
Through all the busyness and fun
The joyful Christmas Day.

© Kerry Goodwill
(Used by special permission)

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!
God bless, and much love,
(And the Peanut Gallery ;-))

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