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LDTD Blog Tour, cont’d | Author Interview

The Party continues! Y’know, I think this is the first time I’ve posted twice for one Blog Party, aside from an Announcement Post….
In the past, I’ve interviewed a few of Kendra’s Characters, with a question or two for her in the mix, but today, I get to put her in the hot seat all by herself, mwahaha. /EVIL

The Pixie
OohOohOoh! May we interview her, too?

Anton Argentos

Ja, there are things we’d like to know, too.

Um, guys….

(And it would help you think of questions, since you seem to be at a loss for them today. ;-))

(Cheeky. :-P)

Shasta Whittaker
PLEASE? PleasePleasePlease? We’re so excited—

Sierra Whittaker

Calm down, Shasta. You’ll get us in trouble.

OK, settle down, folks. All right, you may each ask her ONE question—

Just one? *Pouts*

*ElbowRibs* Quiet! You should be glad she even let you on her blog.

Girls, I do wish you wouldn’t bicker so. You never did in your original draft.

That was before you made her such a crazy tomboy—

—and her such a priss! *Tongue*

OK, you’ve both officially lost the privilege of interviewing Anka Kendra. Go home now and behave!

(Now look what you did. Our first time on our Ankas blog, and you get us kicked off!)

(You were just as bad!)


*Twins scamper off*

*Sigh* Sorry about that. Seems like all my twins have issues with each other, but those two are the worst. But back to the main point….
Anyhow, seven of you may ask Anka Kendra one question, and I’ll ask her three (’cos I’m the Anka round here, that’s why). Decide who will ask what….

*Peanut Gallery Huddle*

Well, since the others seem to be discussing it at length, I’ll go first. How did Reuben get Petra to count him as a friend? I’m told it’s a great honor that INTJs don’t bestow on just anyone.

(Didn’t see that one coming. *Smirk*)

He wouldn’t take no for an answer. They grew up together, unlike you and Isabella, so he was always just there in her life, and he took her seriously when others wouldn’t. He proved himself to be someone she can trust and doesn’t abuse that trust. And she kinda admires his wild imagination.

Well, actually, Isabella and I—

Aherm! Spoilers, boy-o. And it’s Isabella’s turn now.

Isabella Oláfsdóttír, Queen of the Nóska. Neckline needs to head North, otherwise, great new inspiration! (Cendre Portrait by *orpheelin on deviantART.):
Isabella Oláfsdottir

That is not a proper question, sirrah. We are here to discuss Anka Kendra’s Characters and world, not gain information for our own stories.
Pray tell us how the social structure of Rizkaland is set up.

Um ... with people!

To be honest, I don’t really know any of the details of their social structure past the kings and queens of Rizkaland, the Bookholder’s family, and the king, queen, lords, and ladies of Klarand. I know it has a number of ranks ... but it’s actually one of the details I bluff on. I prefer messing with the fauna and flora and physics...
Ember MacTavish

*Eyeroll* Uuuuuuugh, politics! My eye, Isabella, you would be asking such a question. Here’s a better one: What might the folk o’ Rizkaland be doing for FUN? Do they have archery tournaments, or festivals, or stuff o’ that ilk?

Archery tournaments, festivals, and stuff o’ that ilk is a good summary. They love tournaments of all sorts, from archery to a form of jousting. Dancing is also a favorite past time, from balls for the nobility to barn dances for the common people. Every night there is a recitation of a Legend by the Bookholder in Loray, and almost anyone is welcome to attend, and a similar recitation is held by a Bookdaughter in the Kastle in Klarand. There are also a few acting companies that travel around Rizkaland, and their plays are quite popular.
Jason Windrider, when he first meets Ember:
Jason Windrider
I’ve been wondering—having grown up with Dragons, you know—good ones, that is—and they’re pretty rare in our world…well, I guess I’m wondering if there are any good Dragons in Rizkaland, or if they’re all bad, or if Lady Amber’s the only one (although she’s technically not a Dragon, exactly…and I’ll stop babbling now.)

Amber is the only dragon in Rizkaland. However, you will be seeing more dragons in the companion stories set in other worlds - most notably Worth of a King and Dragon Song. Unfortunately, I don’t know yet if there will be any good dragons in the Rizkaland multiverse. There are some neutral dragons, though, in The New Division.

…all of which I’m dying to read, BTW. ;-)

My Anka has mentioned that there are Elves in your world of Rizkaland, but that they are different from my own kindred. Pray tell us about your Elves, Anka Kendra.
Prince Nácil:
Prince Nácil

Yes, there are elves, and I’m willing to say that they are different from your kind, as my elves are rather non-traditional. For this world, leastways. They do have pointed ears and delicate features - though it’s a subtle point to their ears - but they’re physically inferior to humans - being smaller, weaker, and lacking humans’ stamina - and usually not as clever. However, to compensate, each elf receives a gift - a supernatural ability such as invisibility, healing touch, flight, incredible hearing, speed ... the list goes on.
OohOoh, I have one! Our Anka said the Water Princess and Fire Prince (and other important people sent to help Rizkaland) received magic rings that gave them special powers. I want to know if the gemstones in the rings are themselves magical, or if the Elves put some kind of enchantment on them when they were made.

It is the stones themselves, as far as I’m aware. And Alphego himself made them, not the elves.

Our Anka has informed me that Alphego is what your Rizkans call Elyon, the Creator of all. I just assumed your Elves made the Rings and what-not because Anka Rebekah’s Elves (she’s glaring at me for using her real name, hehehe!), my kindred, are themselves craftsmen—some of them—but for the Creator Himself to make special rings and such for His servantsthat is amazing!

Thank you, Pixie; I think it’s someone else’s turn now.
I see you hiding behind the sofa, Huckle. Come on out. Don’t be shy!

Well…I…I did want to ask Anka Kendra something…but I’ve forgotten. And I think Ciára has a better question, anyhow, so let her go next.

Please yourself, boy-o (and one of these days I am GOING to finish your PaintShop Portrait!) 

(Oh, but then I’ll scare off all your readers!)

(I think not, but that’s a discussion for another time.)
OK, Ciára, go ahead.

Ciára Littlefoot
I was wondering if there are any Brynikins—I mean Little Folk—in Rizkaland. Like Professor Tolkien’s Hobbits (although I know you can’t call us that because the professor’s people would be cross). Or any other Creatures that are but myth and legend in your Real World now, for that matter.

Not in Rizkaland, but the elvings in the companion series “The Mikada Chronicles” that my sister and I are working on, are part “little people.” And part elf. They’re fun.

(Another world  on my "To Visit" list...;-))
And now for my three questions:

Might we know why there are no stars in Rizkaland? Or is that a spoiler? ;-)

Because I decided to not have any stars. That’s the entire reason. I wanted a more contained universe for Rizkaland. And I thought it’d be a good contrast to Lintooalintae where they ONLY had stars.

Color plays an important role in Rizkaland, I’ve observed. Do you always associate your Characters with specific colors?

I usually do, even if I never actually state the colors in the story, though said color will usually end up as a character’s favorite color. It’s a weird quirk of mine that I didn’t even realize I had until one of my friends [was] talking about how she did the same thing. But I think in colors, associating them not only with the characters, but also with various scenes, settings, themes, even the books themselves. And it’s not just my own writing, but also the books I read, and people I know. You’re lavender and mint green, by the by, Tom.

Fascinating. Lavender was actually my signature color for a while, and I do like mint green. These days, I go for teal and royal purple, so you were close!
(You’re either aster-purple or fuschia. :-D)
And finally…have you begun work (plotting, brainstorming, whatever) on Book Three yet?? ;-)

I’ve started the first draft. Everyone is breaking my heart and I’m regretting my decision to become a writer.


Would you like a snippet?

Yes, please!

Laura was going to fall out of the porch swing, Reuben was sure. She’d push it back as far as she could with her toes, and then tuck her legs under her as it swung wildly. She wasn’t even holding on.
The look in her eye was wild, but he could tell she wasn’t really enjoying herself. She was doing it for the thrill, a distraction. The same reason he was watching her and not telling her to stop before she killed herself.

Thank you for visiting my humble blog…and for bearing with the Peanut Gallery. :-)

* * *
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  1. This is a fascinating interview. All the extra characters lent some spice!

    I had no idea all those things made up the social structure of Rizkaland. It might help the world building a lot to mention some of them at some point - have the characters run into a traveling play or attend a Bookholder reading or talk about some other entertainment form. The world of Rizkaland seems deeper to me already, just reading those things in this interview. :)

    1. Did ... did I really fail to mention the Legend Recitals? I think I alluded to them (it's the reason for the Bookdaughters' good memories and why Ashna and her parents were discussing her memorization of the Legends), but never actually said that they existed. Oops.

      The acting companies, however, I only just found out about a week or so ago. They may make an appearance in book 3. We'll see what happens.

    2. Now that I think of it, I think you did at least allude to it.

      Nice! I'll be watching for that possibility in Book Three then. :)

  2. Awesome interview! I like how the characters got to ask Kendra questions; that was quite a creative touch!

    1. Thanks! It helped me think of intelligent questions, LOL.

  3. I like all these questions about the world. I tend toward getting to the heart of the story and author than probing the world. It's kind of odd because I like world building.
    But this has given more depth. And I loved how you let your characters help, Tom.

    1. Now you mention it, there were a lot of worldbuilding questions....

      Thanks! Somehow, pretending to be several different people helped me think up better interview questions. (Plus it gives me a feel for writing my various Characters' personalities--practice for writing their books eventually. Fun, fun.) Glad you enjoyed it. :-D

    2. I'm going to have to try it myself sometime. Sometimes it's hard to imagine our character outside their stories.

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